Monday, March 9, 2015

Documented Faith Romans 8:38,39

I did not have intentions on writing a blog for this entry in my Bible but after I got it done I thought maybe you would all like a little information on how I did it. With that being said I do not have pictures of my progress, sorry.
If you are not familiar with a gelli plate or how to use it there are many informative videos on you tube, be aware it is a addictive process before you know it you will have a table full of papers laying around.( who am I kidding they will be all over the room) I applied some paint to my gelli plate and added some stencils and took the first print off on a piece of deli paper, then the second print was applied to the edge of my Bible page. I did my journaling on my Bible page and added a couple rub ons. Then I edged my verse with a water color pencil. I applied some washi tape on the top and bottom of my Bible page. I taped my deli paper down on a piece of cardstock so I could run it through the printer. I found some subway art of my verse on Paper Craft Memories Word ARt by Karen. Thank you Karen, I just love it. I put some of the same washi tape on the two edges of my deli paper and then I used my very thin red liner tape to add my word art print to my Bible.
I love that this was our verse for our prompt for Documented Faith this week. I remember a long time ago when I first read this verse how it spoke to me and still does each time I re-read it. The love that God has for us is unconditional and that just blows my mind. I certainly am not deserving of it but am very thankful for it. I can only begin to comprehend that kind of love, I feel as a mom somewhat of how it might be but even at that there are times as a parent we get discouraged. I think about all the times I am sure that God has been discouraged with me and it breaks my heart that I let him down. I think each time I read this verse it is an incentive for me to keep trying to grow and become a more mature christian. These online Bible studies with the art incorporated in with the study is surely a positive influence on my time with God. I have spent more time  reading the Bible and  praying over the word then I have in a very long time. I have become more structured and for me that is not an easy thing. I rebel against structure. If you would like to know more about our group you can just click on the link and check us out. Its not to late, ever for you to pick up your Bible and spend time with God in His word. Hope to see you there and I am anxious to see how you interpret God's word into Bible Art.

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