Sunday, February 22, 2015

Documented Life the Journal and Documented Faith February 22, 2015

Our Art Technique for Documented Life the Journal week 8 is "Repeating Elements" and thc Scripture for Documented Faith Week 9 is 2 Corinthians 4:18. I decided to use these two projects today for my layout in my Art Journal.
I don't know why these pictures decided to turn this way, they are not like this on my computer. Oh well we will go with it. I decided to stray away from my gelatoes today and use acrylic paint. Shown are delta ceramacoat persimmon and craftsmart yellow. I just swiped some color on my page with the credit card.
My first repeating elements are the scrappy cat flower sketch stamp.  I stamped with versafine onyx black ink pad and then colored with a blue water color pencil. The art impressions Q2310 stamped was stamped with color box chalk blue lagoon ink pad.
I applied a layer of gesso over the whole page. I had some flowers I had cut out a while ago for another project with my cricut and I used them as a mask. I sprayed luminarte shimmering mist irish mist over all the flowers. In between each of my layers I heated with my heat gun to dry it.
This created some beautiful flowers, I will use some for this project and save the rest for another project down the road.
While my flowers were still on the page I used a piece of paper I had previously cleaned a stencil off with and layer it on top of the flowers to soak up the excess ink.
These flowers create another repeating element. I outlined my flowers with the blue watercolor pencil. I also went around the outside of each flower with a watercolored pencil that matched the persimmon paint I originally used. At this point I applied another layered of gesso. The paper that I used to soak up the extra ink is going to be torn into strips to use as my border. I adhered my border with matte medium.
I decided to make some tags to put my message on so that it would stand out. My message will be another repeating element. I applied my blue lagoon ink over the tags and then sprayed them with irish mist. I took a piece of copy paper and swiped some of the persimmon acrylic paint on it and dried it. Then I printed out my verse on this paper so it would match my project.
I used some of my flowers that I had used as my mask here on my tags. I outlined my tags with a watercolor pencil. Oh and I also stamped the art impressions stamp again after applying the last coat of gesso.
For the right hand side I wrote my verse 4 times and this creates another repeating element. I had stamps I used for my letter for "its worth repeating" and I outlined again with my pencil.
Do you see the eyes? I thought it made a cute whimsical touch. Did you count how many repeating elements there art?
until next time, hugs.
check out the link to the Art5 ladies....what an awesome group they are.

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