Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Glory Art: Wisdom

I did it....I was so wrapped up in my project that I forgot to take pictures. I initially took a couple pictures and then....well I will give you the idea.
I started with covering my pages with guava and lavender gelatoes, spritz them and blended the color with my fingers. I love finger painting. I always heat set in between each layer with my heat gun.
For the flower on the bottom right I used a magenta stamp #08079-M. I colored directly on the stamp with my blueberry, dk purple and mango gelatoes, then I spritz the stamp lightly. I stamped it once on my project then once on scrap paper, I cut the one on scrap paper out to use as a mask. These was still some color on the stamp so I spritzed it again and stamped all over both pages, appling more water as necessary to use up the color.  I put the mask on top of the project and then stamped Hero Art's poetic aspin print stamp with versafine olympia green around the flower.

I then stamped the aspin print on scrap paper 7 times for masks. I put these masks over top of the flower mask and then stamped all around both pages with Renaissance Art stamp # 9995 with warm violet color box chalk ink pad.
Here is where I forgot to take more pictures, lol. I'm sorry. I stamped Stampa Rosa's "Wisdom" Stamp with olympia green ink pad all over both pages. Then I swiped a layer of gesso over everything but the flower.
All around the outside of both pages I rubbed on some lavender gelato and blended it with my finger. Then I took a white paint marker and put some rectangles around the outside edge on top of the gelato. My next stamp I used is called "Love You to Bits" and I stamped that all around the edge with olympia green then I colored the little leaves with my green gel pen.
For my Bible verses I typed them in text boxes in microsoft word and then added a border around each of them. I taped a piece of deli paper to a piece of cardstock and used that to print out my verses on. I applied a little gesso and gelato to the back of the verses because as I laid it down on my page I felt it was just a little to opaque and that it was getting lost. I cut them all out and glued them down to my page. Then I took a gel pen and added some color to the borders on the verses.
For my "Wisdom" word I free handed it and then used my gel pens to doodle it. I then used a gel pen to write the meaning of Wisdom and some synonyms.
My word for the year for Logo's 365 is "Wisdom". So I was thrilled to have it repeated in Glory Art. To know God's word I need wisdom, to have wisdom I need to be transformed. Our word for Take Me Deeper was "Transformed" and the whole study for January was on being transformed. I am amazed how all of these seperate online sudies are wrapping around each other. I know God has his hand in all this and I am so thankful for that. Our God is a creative God and doing all these studies along with art and journaling is bringing me closer to my God.
until next time, Hugs.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Documented Life the Journal and Documented Faith February 22, 2015

Our Art Technique for Documented Life the Journal week 8 is "Repeating Elements" and thc Scripture for Documented Faith Week 9 is 2 Corinthians 4:18. I decided to use these two projects today for my layout in my Art Journal.
I don't know why these pictures decided to turn this way, they are not like this on my computer. Oh well we will go with it. I decided to stray away from my gelatoes today and use acrylic paint. Shown are delta ceramacoat persimmon and craftsmart yellow. I just swiped some color on my page with the credit card.
My first repeating elements are the scrappy cat flower sketch stamp.  I stamped with versafine onyx black ink pad and then colored with a blue water color pencil. The art impressions Q2310 stamped was stamped with color box chalk blue lagoon ink pad.
I applied a layer of gesso over the whole page. I had some flowers I had cut out a while ago for another project with my cricut and I used them as a mask. I sprayed luminarte shimmering mist irish mist over all the flowers. In between each of my layers I heated with my heat gun to dry it.
This created some beautiful flowers, I will use some for this project and save the rest for another project down the road.
While my flowers were still on the page I used a piece of paper I had previously cleaned a stencil off with and layer it on top of the flowers to soak up the excess ink.
These flowers create another repeating element. I outlined my flowers with the blue watercolor pencil. I also went around the outside of each flower with a watercolored pencil that matched the persimmon paint I originally used. At this point I applied another layered of gesso. The paper that I used to soak up the extra ink is going to be torn into strips to use as my border. I adhered my border with matte medium.
I decided to make some tags to put my message on so that it would stand out. My message will be another repeating element. I applied my blue lagoon ink over the tags and then sprayed them with irish mist. I took a piece of copy paper and swiped some of the persimmon acrylic paint on it and dried it. Then I printed out my verse on this paper so it would match my project.
I used some of my flowers that I had used as my mask here on my tags. I outlined my tags with a watercolor pencil. Oh and I also stamped the art impressions stamp again after applying the last coat of gesso.
For the right hand side I wrote my verse 4 times and this creates another repeating element. I had stamps I used for my letter for "its worth repeating" and I outlined again with my pencil.
Do you see the eyes? I thought it made a cute whimsical touch. Did you count how many repeating elements there art?
until next time, hugs.
check out the link to the Art5 ladies....what an awesome group they are.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Documented Life and Bible Art Journaling

Our prompt for The Documented Life Project: The Journal February 21, 2015 was "Cover Up Good Stuff" and the prompt for Bible Art Journaling was "Perfect Love" inspired by scripture 1 John 4:18. I like to incorporate two prompts into one of these layouts and these are the two I decided to join together here.

I began using my usual technique by applying tangerine and lemon gelatoes directly to my journal and then adding water to blend them. I then stamped a Tin Can Mail stamp by Inkadinkado with versafine black ink and then heat set it with my heat gun.
I selected a piece of my already made deli paper that I created using my gelli plate.
I applied white gesso over the whole piece with a credit card and then attached my deli paper strips to the sides with matte medium.
I searched though my stash for more elements to add to my piece and found some happy mail I received a while ago from Renee Robertson and the colors were perfect fit for this. I also incorporated the envelope she mailed it to me in. I stamped some flowers using my Scrappy Cat flower sketch flower stamp set on the envelope and cut them out. I also cut out the girl that Renee had stamped on the envelope.
The arrow stamps were from a set I found in Michael's sorry I do not know the company that made them.
Here is how it all came together. I appied all my elements with matte medium and then put a layer of gesso over the whole piece.
Part of the covering up process for me was to use a piece of vellum in the center of the page and put my message on that. The next step in my covering up was to put black gesso all over the border around my vellum.
Well I accomplished covering the border up and I am thinking I really do not like this. So I toned it all down with more gesso. I can live with this. Every technique is not for everyone and I have decided that for today this is not my favorite. Maybe for another page sometime I will love it, but I will settle for today that I was successful with the technique.
Until next time, hugs.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mixed Media Bible Cover

I have been wanting to make  mixed media Bible cover but was not sure where to begin. Today I decided that to begin I just needed to begin. So I went to my storage room and got out my sewing machine and a piece of tyvek material I had. Now I have begun and things just started to roll. I cut a piece of material to the size of my bible adding on length so it could be a slip cover.
I wanted to make a background in the same way I have been making my faith art journal pages. I began with pink grapefruit and Irish Mist LuminArte Shimmering mists sprays.

The tyvek has a plastic coating on one side and I am working on the opposite side. Next I used versafine onyx black ink and stamped Stamping Up's Irish Blessing background  all over the material.
I dry in between every step with my heat gun.
My next step was to tone down the black a little with gesso.

I rubbed on the gesso with a used gift card and then I put a piece of decorative washi tape across the whole piece. Next I created some circles with Faber-Castell Guava Gelato by appling it directly to the material and then using a little water with my finger to blend the color. I tried to outline my circles with a black marker and I tried every kind of black marker I had and it just did not want to work. Maybe the whole piece was not dry enough. 

I swiped on a little more gesso to tie the layers together.
 I selected two of my hero arts circle stamps, dot design and dot circle. First I stamped the dot design with Color Box rose coral chalk ink then I stamped over each of those with the dot circle stamp and versfine ink.
I had some decorative washi tape that has some crowns and keys on it. The crowns to me represent that Jesus is king and the keys represent that Jesus holds the key to my heart. I applied this to both sides of the wider tape I added earlier. I also went through my stash of previously made labels and applied them to both ends of the cover.
 Now if that wasn't all fun enough, I knew I wanted to add lace and ribbons. So I went though my stash and pulled out pieces that would coordinate with what I had already designed.

Now it was time for the sewing machine. I did sew down the tapes and labels to make sure they did not come off. Then I started laying down my ribbons and sewing them down. My lace is a doily I cut in half and the lace flowers are cut from a scrap of curtain I had.
My final step was to sew the ends to make them neater and then to sew along both long edges which creates the pocket for both flaps of the Bible. This is the back and the front and back inside flaps.


 I am planning on adding a book mark with some ribbons and attach it to the top middle of my Bible cover. If I find a nice little Christian pin I will attach that on the front of my cover just above the lace doily.
I hope you enjoyed the process and that I have inspired you to create your own Mixed Media Bible Cover.
till next time...hugs


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