Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Documented Life Project Week 18; "Add a Quote"

Week 18: "Add a Quote"
The quote was the easy part, now the page itself was a nightmare. When I was putting my journal together in February, I used acrylic paint and a credit card and swiped all the pages with 2-3 different colors each. I was being brave and used many different colors to get as many different pages as I could. Well it backfired. I used a lot of purple on this page, now mind you I don't dislike purple but it is not my favorite color and I have a hard time working with it. A little is ok but folks I had a lot on this page. So I put it off all week and decided today was the day, this layout was going to get done. I sat and looked at it for quite awhile, got up and walked away, sat and looked again, walked away again, and then ..... yep I decided to paint over some or most of it. I added lots of white and then went to town with my gelatos. I finally was at a point I could work with it and this is what I did. I am happy, but I will not intentionally add that much purple again.


Janet Joehlin said...

It still turned out wonderfully! Great page!

Granny Rho said...

Turned out really good! Glad you sick with it instead of skipping over it. Conquer the Purple! :-)


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