Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Documented Life Project Week 16: Prompt "Add a Cardboard Food Box in a Creative Way"

Where did the month of April go.....Its been a week since I have been home from my vacation with my sister and it took me that long to get caught up. I started this layout before I left and worked on it a couple of times while I was gone and just finished it up. This might be my favorite one so far, but the it was the most exciting week I have had since I started the DLP challenge so I had more to work with. I added several tip ins and I am sure glad I did, I needed the space. Here are all the pics for you to critique.

Here is my take on the challenge: "Add a Cardboard Food Box in a Creative Way"
I went to my cupboard and this is the first box that caught my eye. I really thought this was going to be difficult but I had a fun time putting it together. I think I was thinking "creative way" and was trying to make it harder than need be.
You would all be very impressed with me...I was very controlled with my shopping. Some of it had to do with this stupid sciatica nerve that is driving me crazy and the other was just self control. My most treasured find was a folk art wheelbarrow.
We found this marvelous junk store, my favorite kind. But their prices were out of our range but we had a great time looking.
Did not figure this guy would fit in my car, so I had to leave him behind. He was pretty intimidating any how.

Tuesday was cold and snowy so we stayed in the hotel and worked on our garden journals. Thursday we were tired so we stayed again and Barb worked on her blog and I worked on my DLP planner.

I was very intrigued by this round building that was on the grounds of the Huntingdon State Prison. I wanted a tour and Barb would have none of going anywhere near that place.
We had a such a wonderful visit catching up with our families and with each other. Thank God for times such as these.

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