Thursday, April 3, 2014

Monthly Tip in Pages for "The Documented Life Journal"

I have been playing catch up with my monthly tip-ins for my journal. This one is April. I decided to do the letter of my first name and then put a little inspiration in it. I am thinking I might add a "bee" to the heart. This is how it looks in my journal. I used gelatos to color the paper first then used my water color pencils, white signo uni-ball pen, soufflé pens and fabre castell markers.

These are some close ups of my planner pages for this week. I have been struggling with the planner pages and I finally have some that I am happy with. They are not done, I still need to journal in it for today, tomorrow and saturday. I am also excited for next weeks so maybe I have crossed the line of unsatisfied to satisfaction with these pages. 
I have been laid up for a couple days with a sprained knee that may be the result of my overcompensating with the other leg with a flared up sciatic nerve. So I have had time to sit with my leg up and do some art. I guess there is a silver lining to every cloud. But I am anxious to get out side and play in the dirt...soon I keep telling myself.
until next time....

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