Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Documented Life Project Week 12: Prompt "Cut Up a Magazine...Add"

 I am learning a lot about my Artistic interests....before I joined this group I had never incorporated pre- printed art (ie: magazine pages, articles, bulletin) into my own art projects. I had also thought that was a process that just wasn't me and I would probably never do it. Never say never!!!! That is one thing, along with others, that I am thankful for this group for. It makes you think outside the box with their given prompts. I had a lot of fun with this prompt and have decided I will look into pre-printed art forms a little differently now.

I did not have any magazines that I wanted to cut up. The only ones I have are gardening although they have a lot of beautiful colors in their pages, I was not willing to sacrifice them. So I have this stack of old beautiful church bulletins and I now have a new purpose for them. These three bulletins are the ones I used to create my page. I'm happy.

This past month I joined a postcard swap within my Journal group.  Vicki sent me this beautiful postcard and I thought it fit perfectly on my "Selfie" page. The postcard creates a flap and under the flap you can read a list of my things I could improve upon. I think it has added tons of extra charm to my page. Thank you Vicki.

Another postcard I received is from Sara and I decided that it fit nicely on my "Pinterest Inspired Page". It is also a flap and when lifted it says "Spring come soon" The colors that Sara used works wonderfully with this page and her quote was like it was selected just for my page. Thank you Sara.

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Vicki said...

That was such a neat idea to use these postcards like this. i am honored it has a home in your project life book. Great job all around.


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