Monday, March 3, 2014

The Documented Life Project Promt 5 "Add a Doodle Border"

"Add a Doodle Border"
My page for this prompt is much simplier than the last few I have done, but I am happy with it. How could I not be, I journaled my favorite song, it just speaks of my heart's true feelings. The only true love is the love of Jesus and my whole being longs for the day when I will be with him. I have a very strong stubborn will and to God only will my spirit yield. Ok, geesch I think I have gone on again.
This page was actually going in another direction, but that just didn't work out. So I added more layers and came up with this. I also added some scrap wax paper I had on my desk and some of my baby wipes I was using to dab up extra ink. Just a little extra texture and color.
A nice end to my evening was a phone call from a friend who I consider a brother. Thank you, God.

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