Saturday, March 15, 2014

Maple Syrup Season

I just love fresh maple syrup....oh and the maple tea before its at syrup stage. Many of you probably already know that it takes a lot of sap to make a little syrup, I call it liquid gold. My first and second harvest ended up being just one of these buckets 3/4 of the way full and I received 3 cruets and 25 little pieces of candy from two days work.

I will be putting some syrup and candy in each of the grand kids Easter baskets this year. So far the sap has been running pretty slow but the weather forecast is promising for next week.
While cooking down the sap I am able to keep myself busy with working on my Journal 52 prompts and I was able to finish off two of them.
Week 6 was "Love Letters" and I had this beautiful gelli print that I knew I wanted to put something special on. So I knew the only love letter I have ever read is the one from God...pure love, true love.
This has been my favorite gelli print, I just love the way the hearts turned out. The little piece of acetate was a scrap that I had from another project that I inked with alcohol inks.
The next project I worked on was prompt 8 "Found Poetry". I had picked out a couple weeks ago from a magazine some words for my "Found Poetry". I really didn't know about this prompt, but after I got started with it, I decided it was lots of fun. Maybe I will even do it again sometime.
I thought it had a pretty good message. This was another gelli print that I favored, the zentangle chain needs practice...lots of practice. I can work on that.
While being in business for 7 years I gathered a lot of markers and coloring mediums. But, they seemed to be all over the place with markers here and there, pencils in another place and so on. It seemed like nothing was ever handy. So, I had these bags that I really wasn't using for anything else and decided to organize all my coloring mediums here, then I could pick them up and take with me or just have by my side while at home. I can have them in my studio or upstairs in the evening while watching NCIS. I have discovered that some of the markers are dried up and my rub-n-buffs were hard, so I will have to root out as I go.
Here they are all organized and handy.
Now to figure out how to make all those bottles of paint more assessable , my watercolor crayons didn't fit in the totes either. So maybe another tote is on my list.
Until next time....

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