Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Road Trip and The Documented Life Project Prompt 10 "Make a List of Things That Make You, You"

Prompt 10: "Make a List of the Things That Make You, You"
I have already incorporated this task in on the "Selfie" Prompt for week 2, so I choose to do my page on "Be Yourself"
This week I strayed away from using stencils which I have used in all the pages so far, so I thought I would challenge myself to not using them. I was worried I would not be able to make the page busy enough without them. In the end I am happy, although I still favor the stencils.
Today being the first day of March, I though lets "Celebrate" the occasion. We have another winter storm moving in tonight and I thought I would like to get a road trip in before it got here. We have a fabulous scrapbook store but its 2 hours away from us. The nice thing is it is also the same direction as to where my son and his family lives, so I can justify the trip. On my way I stopped to take some pictures of the frozen creek. I think nature is beautiful and I certainly could see the beauty here. My concern is when it starts melting it could cause great problems for this town.

At the scrapbook store I found......wait for it....stencils. lol  I also found a wonderful doll stamp and wings to go with her. I am sure you will be seeing her eventually on one of my journal pages. I also stopped in at Michael's and picked up some of the washi tape they had on sale. I only had a couple colors and felt I needed a little more variety.
My next stop was to see my son and his family. Being that I was stopping on the spur of the moment, it didn't work out so well to see all of them. My daughter in law and their second child was headed out for a mother daughter sleep over. Their oldest daughter was off with a friend shopping and then the friend was coming back to spend the night. Their youngest daughter was napping, but I did get an hour in visiting with my son, and that made it worth the stop.
Until next time, stay well.

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Linda Hess said...

I love your blog. You do such a nice job with it.
I just want to say how much you inspire me. Did you find some of the prima dolls?? I love them so much, I spent the evening making paper dolls last night after a trip to Michaels and Joanne Fabrics, keep up the good work...


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