Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Documented Life Project

I joined an online group called The Documented Life Project (DLP) where we have a weekly planner to keep track of our crazy schedules while incorporating artful journaling. The ones I have seen from some of the other ladies are simply fantastic. This is my first time trying something like this and I am so excited to get going. I finally made a decision on what I was going to use for my planner. The project actually calls for a moleskin planner and yes they are supper nice but just not what I had in mind. So when I had taken Dad to a dr's apt before we headed home I stopped in to Barnes and Nobles to see what they had for journals. I picked out a plain one after checking out all the yummy ones they had, wow some of them were beautiful. I seen what one of the ladies did on DLP and asked her if she minded if I used the same idea...and she was all for it. So my plan is to add my own weekly calendar page to each of my pages and go from there. Tonight I have for you my introduction page, and yes I am 6 weeks behind I'm not sure if I plan on catching up or just starting with the current week.
Here is my background I created using acrylic paints and stencils. First I coated the page with gesso then wiped green, pink, and purple paints on with a baby wipe, then I started building the stencils.
So that is as far as I have for you right now....I plan on working more on this tonight.
Along with working on my DLP, I created my first "Happy Mail" envelope for a special lady on "Journal 52". Here is my pictorial progress:
so I prepped my envelope with gesso
then I added three colors of acrylic paint with a plastic card.

My next step was to layer on the stencils.
Then I got caught up in the process and forgot to take more pictures. So this is the finished fill it with some goodies I have selected and off to the post office tomorrow.


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