Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Documented Life Project: Promt 3 "Add an Envelope From Your Mailbox" and Bunny and Kitty Tracks.

Add an envelope from your mailbox they say.....ok but none of the ones I had received seemed appealing,,,until today. This envelope came from Quill and they were advertising a sale on printer ink. When I seen the word "Inkcredible" on the outside of the envelope and then on the inside of the advertisement, I knew I had the envelope I needed. It was all the inspiration I needed to document the fact that January is certainly not my favorite month of the year, but, with ART we will survive.

I really need to find a book or an online course to help improve my lettering skills or maybe I should say lack of skills. The rubber stamp letters always turn out great, then I add my own letters and I feel it desperately screams for help. I will have to see what I can do about that. I still have 5 more weeks to catch up on, I am hoping to get another one done tomorrow.

Now on another note.....this is what I seen as I was walking into the Church for work this morning.
It just made my day, little things like this will do that for me. I envision the bunny and kitty being best of friends. Maybe they even were in the church before I got there and had their very own worship service. I would love to hang out till the wee hours of the morning and watch these two as they walk along and discuss how they could improve the world if the humans would just take life lessons from them. I imagine they would go about their day without worries, without jealously, anger, bitterness, or any of the negative feelings we humans have. I imagine they give thanks to God for everything and everyone. I imagine they know what true grace and love is and they know how to share it. Well I did not get a glimpse of them, but maybe someday I will and may even get to hear them as they discuss what they are going to do for their day. If not here on earth then in Heaven where all God's creatures will live in harmony. Until then, have a great evening.

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