Friday, February 28, 2014

The Documented Life Project: Prompt 9 "Collage Something You Recycled"

I am stepping out of my comfort zone with this prompt....who am I kidding I have been out of my comfort zone for this whole project. Playing with bright colored inks and paints, art pages and journaling, all things I have struggled with in the past. I am a vintage, aged person that usually plays with fall colors and not the brights either but the darks. But I am really enjoying this and am finding I am actually happy with some of my work.
For this page I received an ad in the mail for Brecks which is a garden wholesale center. I usually buy some of their bulbs each year. In this ad was a bunch of fliers with lots of brightly colored flowers. So I went to work cutting them out and then used my mod podge to apply them to my page. I also used some sheet music that I found at a estate sale. Below is how it looks before adding stenciling, paint and doodling. The doodling border was inspired by a book I recently bought in Michaels called "Creative Doodling & Beyond" by Stephanie Corfee.

I spent the day today with a sweet little boy who stayed home from school because he had the flu. His mommy had to work and I could rearrange my schedule so I could stay with him. Around noon he started to feel a little better and he wanted to do an art project with me. So I cut out all my flowers while he drew, colored and cut out a snowman. While we were busy working away he told me he was going to grow up and get a good job and have Great Uncle Fred build a mansion for him. So sweet. I am glad that he was feeling better when his mommy came to pick him up.

Here's his cute.

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