Monday, February 24, 2014

My Documented Life Project: Prompt 1 "My Front Door"



I never dreamed I would enjoy this group so much...but with each page I am finding I am learning more and becoming very happy with the outcomes. The Documented Life Project is an online group where we are given a prompt each week that we incorporate into our journal. I did not get started right away so I did not have anything to journal for my first week, I took both pages and created this spread for prompt one "Your Front Door." When I read this prompt I knew right away I was going to include my doggie door that is beside my front door. Their door is as important as our human door, if not more so, as we do not use the front door but the dogs sure do.
I began my page by applying gesso and then coated with two coats of acrylic paint with a credit card. Then I used my water color crayons to apply more color, I also used some stencils with acrylic paint for a little more interest. I then went to work on my surely must be illegal to have this much fun with an art project...hours later I surfaced with a finished project. Here are a few close up pictures..enjoy!
Each year my son and his wife give me an Australian Shepherd calendar for my birthday and last year it had a quote for each month. I am sure you will be seeing more of these this year in my journal.
How true this is...if you know anything about these Australian Shepherds you probably know they have a lot of hair. During shedding season you probably do not want to be a guest in my house.
The Human front door...complete with a fire hydrant.
The current residents are reside peacefully within...well almost. As with all families there is a little disfunction. :)
Joe believes we have too many animals in this house...3 dogs, 1 cat and a guinea pig. In my opinion, if I was home all day and did not ever want to go anywhere, I would feel the more the merrier. I would love to be able to take care of all dogs who do not have homes and who should be taken from their current homes due to abuse, but, that is not realistic for me. So I will love the ones I have and be thankful to God there are people who are able to help the less fortunate critters in this cruel world. Wow I did not mean to go in that direction with this post.
So there it is my "Door"....on to thinking about the next prompt.
take care


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Deanna Anthony said...

What a beautiful page!! Love it!!!


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