Saturday, January 25, 2014

Winter blues

This year has been a winter of exceptionally cold weather and every year I say I am going to make the most of January, February, and March and scrap up a storm. Well it's almost the end of January and I would not say that scrapping 3 double page layouts and 2 single page layouts creates a storm. Somehow someone must have stolen my desire to be creatively productive, I certainly do not have the drive anymore. I have although ordered a gelli plate. I know this product has been around a couple of years now but I am just discovering it. It really has piqued my curiosity and hopefully will give me the jump start I need. The gelli plate should be here on Monday and the stencils I ordered should be here by the end of the week. When I had my rubber stamp retail store I did some classes on mono printing with acetate and really did love the process. Mono printing on the gelli plate looks even better and I can't wait for the supplies to get here to begin. If all goes well I am planning on introducing this technique to my Wonderkids for their journals we are working one. Until then hope you are all staying warm and free of all the flu bugs that are going around. Take care. 

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