Monday, May 19, 2014

The Documented Life Project Week 20 Planner pages

Here are my planner pages for week 20. I am behind on the prompts but will catch up soon. I loved doing these pages this shade of melon is so yummy. I have also incorporated some of my happy mail I received from Renee Robertson. This was a wonderful package of happy mail and I got started right away cutting out some of the goodies to incorporated into my page that I did not get a picture of the whole stash. Hopefully Renee will forgive me after she sees how beautiful it all looks on my pages. Thank you Renee.
This has not been a good week for me and my little Oliver. Last Monday I took my three dogs to the vet for their yearly checkup, thinking we were all healthy...hmm. not the case I find out. My Karli is almost 13years old and has had these fatty tumors that have been getting larger and starting to cause her a little discomfort. My vet says she is a tumor with a dog attached, its a perfect description of her right now. But she is doing well considering.
 I received very unexpected news for Oliver. As my vet was listening to his heart he exclaims "Does this dog have a heart murmur?" I replied well no. But alas he does and on a scale of 0-6 (with 6 being the worst) he is rated a 5. This is very alarming as he has not had any problems up till now and for it to come on this fast the vet was quite concerned. So Oliver went in for blood work and x-rays today to see the extent of the problem. His heart is twice as large as it should be and he has a large amount of fluid in his lungs. The hole in his lung is flapping quite rapidly and his heart is working very fast. Our first task at hand is to get him on medication to get rid of the fluid then he will go back for more blood work in a week and x-rays in two weeks. Oliver is to be kept quiet and calm during this period. This will be a hard task, Oliver is very active and is the bully in the family. So I will be closing our doggie door so he cannot go out and bark every time the neighbors move and will encourage him to sit on my lap and rest as much as I can. He will not be able to go out and chase the cat which he just loves to do. Hopefully once we get him regulated with his medicine he can return to all his activities he loves. Prayers for my little boy. He is only 6 years old and I hope he can live a long and comfortable life on his meds.
until next time...take care.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

My Documented Life Project Week 19 Planner Pages

For me its very exciting to do the first mow of the season...its the smell of the freshly cut grass, the sound of all the mowers in the neighborhood and the feeling of being outdoors. Its like I have been set free. It doesn't even matter to me the temperature at this point, I just love to get out of the house and ride my John Deere mower. Along with this also comes the weeds growing in my gardens. As I pull them out and turn my back it seems they are growing again. But its all good. I love the spring flowers, their colors, fragrance, and the feeling of newness. An awakening, a time of new birth and new beginnings, is what it all symbolizes to me. So if you can't get ahold of me you know that usually you can find me out in the dirt or riding my mower.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Documented Life Project Week 18; "Add a Quote"

Week 18: "Add a Quote"
The quote was the easy part, now the page itself was a nightmare. When I was putting my journal together in February, I used acrylic paint and a credit card and swiped all the pages with 2-3 different colors each. I was being brave and used many different colors to get as many different pages as I could. Well it backfired. I used a lot of purple on this page, now mind you I don't dislike purple but it is not my favorite color and I have a hard time working with it. A little is ok but folks I had a lot on this page. So I put it off all week and decided today was the day, this layout was going to get done. I sat and looked at it for quite awhile, got up and walked away, sat and looked again, walked away again, and then ..... yep I decided to paint over some or most of it. I added lots of white and then went to town with my gelatos. I finally was at a point I could work with it and this is what I did. I am happy, but I will not intentionally add that much purple again.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Documented Life Project: Week 17 Prompt "Draw or Take a Picture of Your Favorite Shoe"

My favorite shoes....well it would have to be going barefoot for me. So I chose my favorite shoes as horseshoes, even though my Belle doesn't wear shoes because she has nice strong hoofs. I drew the horse shoe and colored it with my copics the background is achieved by using gelato's and acrylics.

These are pictures of my planner pages. We had two birthdays this week on Easter Sunday it was my granddaughter, Julia's 9th birthday and on Wednesday it was my son, Ben's birthday. Two days that has a special place in my heart because of these special people.
Easter Sunday, such a beautiful day with lots of tradition and meaning for my life.
"By God's grace I am saved" and "Jesus' death sets me free"
I am planning on putting a picture across the top of the progress I am making with painting my porch. But my printer ran out of ink so I see a trip to Wal -Mart in my near future.
I don't like to be singled out in a group of people, but it was so nice of my church family to give me this wonderful pot filled with a hose, Asiatic lily, garden gloves, chimes, Michael's gift card, and 2 magazines to thank me for service as church secretary. Thank you to all of them, but more importantly to me is to thank them for giving me the opportunity to serve God and our church as secretary for the last 5 years. 
.....and here is dear sweet Julia. This little girl has brought so much joy into everyone's life that she has come across in the 9 years she has been with us. Thank you Rob & Kim for this beautiful granddaughter. She has a great sense of humor and a very loving personality and always makes me smile. Love her!!
what a day.....lots to document in my


Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Documented Life Project Week 16: Prompt "Add a Cardboard Food Box in a Creative Way"

Where did the month of April go.....Its been a week since I have been home from my vacation with my sister and it took me that long to get caught up. I started this layout before I left and worked on it a couple of times while I was gone and just finished it up. This might be my favorite one so far, but the it was the most exciting week I have had since I started the DLP challenge so I had more to work with. I added several tip ins and I am sure glad I did, I needed the space. Here are all the pics for you to critique.

Here is my take on the challenge: "Add a Cardboard Food Box in a Creative Way"
I went to my cupboard and this is the first box that caught my eye. I really thought this was going to be difficult but I had a fun time putting it together. I think I was thinking "creative way" and was trying to make it harder than need be.
You would all be very impressed with me...I was very controlled with my shopping. Some of it had to do with this stupid sciatica nerve that is driving me crazy and the other was just self control. My most treasured find was a folk art wheelbarrow.
We found this marvelous junk store, my favorite kind. But their prices were out of our range but we had a great time looking.
Did not figure this guy would fit in my car, so I had to leave him behind. He was pretty intimidating any how.

Tuesday was cold and snowy so we stayed in the hotel and worked on our garden journals. Thursday we were tired so we stayed again and Barb worked on her blog and I worked on my DLP planner.

I was very intrigued by this round building that was on the grounds of the Huntingdon State Prison. I wanted a tour and Barb would have none of going anywhere near that place.
We had a such a wonderful visit catching up with our families and with each other. Thank God for times such as these.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Monthly Tip in Pages for "The Documented Life Journal"

I have been playing catch up with my monthly tip-ins for my journal. This one is April. I decided to do the letter of my first name and then put a little inspiration in it. I am thinking I might add a "bee" to the heart. This is how it looks in my journal. I used gelatos to color the paper first then used my water color pencils, white signo uni-ball pen, soufflé pens and fabre castell markers.

These are some close ups of my planner pages for this week. I have been struggling with the planner pages and I finally have some that I am happy with. They are not done, I still need to journal in it for today, tomorrow and saturday. I am also excited for next weeks so maybe I have crossed the line of unsatisfied to satisfaction with these pages. 
I have been laid up for a couple days with a sprained knee that may be the result of my overcompensating with the other leg with a flared up sciatic nerve. So I have had time to sit with my leg up and do some art. I guess there is a silver lining to every cloud. But I am anxious to get out side and play in the dirt...soon I keep telling myself.
until next time....

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Rainy Day Entertainment

I had sap to cook down and it was a very rainy day I decided I was going to catch up on my prompts for Journal 52. This is Week 11 Prompt "Stars" I kept putting this off, cause I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. With the task at hand of catching up, I decided to do this one first. I started with black card stock and stamped the larger star with versamark ink and embossing with silver powder. Then I stamped the smaller star with versamark ink and embossed in gold powder. Then I stamped a script stamp with versamark all over the card stock and rubbed with micropearl pearl-ex. I outline the entire piece with white acrylic paint then drew a scallop on with florescent pink marker (yep it doesn't show that here). I printed my words on a piece of paper that I drew a gelli print from, cut them out and adhered them with gell medium. The star was hand painted on with gesso and colored with watercolor pencils. I used white signo pen to highlight.

This image began as a gelli print and it is week 12 prompt "A Day in the Life of Me'  I used my micro pen by fabre castell and my white uni- ball pen. The flowers are colored with watercolor pencils

I was very happy to see this prompt this morning for I had planned on using this quote in my journal as an extra page. I seen another page on Pinterest with flowers in a jar with this quote that was beautiful. This also began as a gelli print, then I drew my flower and colored with mixed media: colored pencils, gesso and gelatos. I am very happy with how this turned out.

I also worked on another of my monthly inserts for The Documented Life Project. This is the backside of January. I used watercolor pencils, gelatos, gesso, fabre castell pens, white uni ball pen, and acrylic paint markers.
until next time.....thanks for looking.

Friday, March 28, 2014

A Little Fun

The "Creative" page is one my Wonder Kids are working on. We are suppose to do a "Selfie" page with things about us that we like or that could be worked on.  Next week we will finish the pages and then go over how special we all are and that God loves us just as we are.

The "Hope" page is the back side of my February monthly calendar page for "My Documented Life Journal" I wish I would have stopped with just the heart, I am not happy with the bottom section. It took away from the colors on the page where I did a resist with crayons and then colored over with gelatos. Oh well.

The next page is one I did for "My Documented Life Journal" for the week while I was away visiting 3 of my granddaughters, Gina, Julia and Sophia. I am going to have another granddaughter, Kara do a drawing for this weeks prompt "have someone else draw on your page...then finish it." I can't wait to see what she will do.

Until next time......

Thursday, March 27, 2014

3 Days in the Life of Grandaughters

As I sit through a car wash, it never ceases to entertain me the beauty of the colors during this one cycle. Oh and it smells nice to, two senses in one, love it. This was the beginning of my 3 day stay at Rob's watching the girls while Rob and Kim were away. I stopped halfway down for potty break, lunch and to get my car washed. 

 When I arrived the first thing the girls asked me was "What did you bring to do?" I told them Journals and they were excited. We got started right away after we unloaded all the supplies out of my car. Sophia was napping at the time. Gina and Julia were excited to start this new project and jumped right in with choosing colors. They thought it was great fun applying the paint with a credit card. I was working on Sophia's when the neighbor girl came to the door and asked the girls if they would like to go for a walk. Well they were so excited over their project that they turned Charlie down. A little while later the phone rang and Charlie was so interested in what the girls were doing she asked if she could come over an watch, well of course she could. But, when she got here we asked if she would like to finish  Sophia's for her and she agreed.

I just love the carefree choices the girls make, they don't stress if it matches. Just choose and go with it. I brought several items that the girls could use to embellish their journals and it seemed the bling was the most popular. Who knew?  They were introduced to mod podge, painting canvas with acrylic paints, drilling with a hand held drill, using a 3 ring hole punch and putting it together with binder rings.
As you can see they did a great job and I just love the bright colors and the way they designed their covers.

Next up was to create some journaling pages, they knew right away that they were going to Pinterest for quotes. Well this little Julia just loved those quotes and she was entertaining us with all the funny ones she could find. Then if that wasn't enough she called her parents and entertained them to. Oh the fun you can have with Pinterest and a couple girls. I was also amazed that the girls stuck with this to the end, I have envisioned they would get bored before the job was done. We worked for 5 hours. Oh and Sophia woke up and she kept coming around to see what we were doing.

Here is a page that Julia did, I think it is beautiful. She choose some papers to collage, glued them on with mod podge and then highlighted with  acrylic paint. Actually all three girls used the same technique. Julia used the quote "Be Thankful for This Day". I was truly thankful for time to spend with the girls, doing what I love and seeing the joy in their eyes as they shared it with me.

This is Gina's beautiful page. She had found the button earlier and after she choose her papers she then knew what she was going to do with her button. Good choice it matches perfectly. I love Gina's inspirational quote "Believe in Yourself, a Little More". I also love her heart.

I feel really bad I did not get a picture of the page that Charlie did for Sophia. I will have to try to remember to get it sometime when I am back down there. It is also beautiful and she put a wonderful quote on it for Sophia.
Monday morning we were up by 7:00 A.M. to make sure the girls were ready to meet the bus at 8:30. There was hair to do, breakfast to make, lunches to pack and bags to make sure they had what they needed. It was pajama day for Gina so she looked nice and comfortable for the day. The nurse, Bev, stays until 9:00 A.M. so she watched Sophia until I got back from the bus. It was another very cold morning, but the frost on the car was stunning. We tried to get a picture of it and this is the best we could come up with, actually its not bad. Gina held my navy blue coat outside the car window while I took the picture from the inside. You can see my red coat's reflection a little bit. With the girls off to school now I get some much needed Sophia time, a whole day. First on her agenda is the speech therapist, Steve. (I think) He was really good with Sophia, but he says that Sophia is just not into it today and was not responding very well. We all have off days and so can she. Next up was Jill and kindergarten. I also enjoyed watching how Sophia is learning her a,b,c's, numbers, colors and animals. Jill was also frustrated because Sophia again was very distracted and did not want to cooperate. I told Jill that because Rob and Kim were on vacation, Sophia maybe figures she can be too.
I am also quite thrilled with the relationship Sophia has formed with her dog, Harlee. Its amazing to see the dog be so relaxed with Sophia. I have always thought that dog was special, now I know she is worth her weight in gold and then some. They are very blessed to have a dog that is so trusting with Sophia. After the morning activities it was time for Sophia's feeding, then her meds, and then nap time. During nap time I decided to create a page for each girls journal from their grandma. Sophia's turned out blurry, it actually looks better than the picture shows. Julia's is "Be Yourself".  Gina's is "Choose to Shine" and Sophia's is "You are My Sunshine"

The girls had swimming after school so we quickly did up our homework and had something to eat then it was out the door for them. Sophia and I just chilled.

When ever I stay over night the girls love to tell stories just before bed, its one of our highlights. We each take turns telling a silly story, just off the top of our heads and its quite entertaining.

 The next day, Tuesday, was much the same up and out the door for the bus, then therapist and school for Sophia. I was leaving for home by 1:00 so I would not see the girls after school today. Bev, the nurse would be back and then when her daughter got off work at 5:00 P.M., they were taking all three girls out for dinner and to Kraynacks to see Bunny Lane. We seen this a few years ago and its pretty amazing. The store has quite a few displays done up very elaborately for Easter. Jill and I are taking her kids down Sunday before Sophia's party, I will try to remember to get pictures. On the way home I decided to treat myself to a stop at Pat Catan's for a little shopping. I found some exciting things for use in my journaling and also for my fairy gardens this spring. I made it home by 5:00 P.M. just in time to collect my stuff for Wonder kids and make it to the church by 6:00 P.M. The original thought was I could leave Rob's by 1:00 P.M. and make it home in time for a little nap before heading back out, but the shopping temptation was to big. Hey its a two hour trip for me to go to this store, so I felt justified. :)
 That was my 3 days in the life of Gina, Julia and Sophia. Gotta love it.
till next time.....

Friday, March 21, 2014

The Documented Life Project; Week 8 Prompt: "Add a Flap to Your Flap"

"Add a Flap to Your Flap" I found this new stamp a couple weeks ago on one of my beloved shopping trips and knew I would use her somewhere in my journal. The strange thing was after I got to my shopping destination, I checked my fb page before going in the shop and a cousin of mine asked me if I had seen these stamps. She had just received hers. I told her they were really cute. Then while I was shopping there was a wall display of them, I did limit myself to just one for now. They are all so cute I had a hard time deciding on just one. Then a week ago I seen this quote on a art page on the Internet with a random search for ideas. I should have wrote down where it originated from, but sadly I did not. So kudos to who ever deserves the credit. Any how this is the flap and when opened this is what you see....

I just love this quote. Its whimsical and actually some days I do feel like that. lol. This was a lot of fun to put together and I do like the cutesie side of it.
With this page being done I am caught up with the prompts until tomorrow when they unleash week 13.

I had more sap to cook today and made for candy for the kids. If you haven't had maple sugar candy before I highly suggest you go out and get some....its soooo good.

My daughter and I went and looked at a house that is for sale. The sweetness of this situation is that the house is on the property that was once owned by my great grandparents and its an Amish house. I guess you would have to have the desire for a large simple house with lots of land to see how we could be so excited. We are too late, they think they have the house sold. sob sob. I really am not seriously looking  to move but if the right place comes along.....well just saying.

until next time...


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