Wednesday, January 4, 2012


That's IT!!!!
I need to take charge of my life....I think I have just been floating by. I miss my artsy fartsy time and I am determined to gain it back. So now I have said it and u have heard it.....lets begin.
I have discovered "Pinterest" and I believe it has become my inspiration. I see all the wonderful projects that r being done and I am feeling inspired to take them and make them my own. Most of my creativity has been used doing bulletin boards, and although they r fun, they r only using the very basic creative juices that I have. So its time to become reacquainted with my studio and see just what can become of all those built up dreams and possiblities and let them soar into something materialistic. My goal is to have something new each week for u to start with and then lets see if we can get a couple projects a week going.
Not only have I missed my time in my studio but I have missed sharing with you and you with me. I pray u r still there.....let us begin on another journey altered journey. See u soon.

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