Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Sad Day

I remember 12 years ago Joe and I went to Clarion with my little pigmy buck, Leon, to get him a mate. Leon rode very nicely between us in the front seat of the truck, he was approx 1 year old. When we got to Clarion at the farm, I picked out this very cute little black doe named Lena and she was to become Leon's lifetime mate. All the way home from Clarion, Leon kept butting Lena and they continued that social contact all through out their lives.My granddaugher Kara was 1 yr old when Lena had her first babies and it was a set of triplets. Clay helped me name them. We enjoyed so many moments with these two goats, pygmy's are very comical. Lena had seveal babies in her lifetime but only this one set of triplets. I remember one hot summer day and the poor girl was due to have her babies, she was sooooo big and I could tell very uncomfortable. So....I let her come in the house and sit in the corner of the kitchen under the fan. She was pleased as all get out. We had quite the conversation that day while she rested and I cooked. When Lena was approx 3 yrs old I got a minnie aussie puppy, named Karli. Well being the herder that they are ,she (Karli) was sure she was going to herd this goat. I would have the goats come down to the house with their babies and play on the porch and Karli thought they belonged back at the barn. Well dear sweet Lena was not going to have any of that. She took only so much of Karli's insistant barking at her and then Lena put Karli in her place. A couple of years after Clay and Kara moved back from SC, I gave Leon to Clay and Lena to Kara. Today was a sad day, when Holly went to the goat barn to feed them this morning, she discovered Lena was in distress, so she called me. I was headed back down her to SR to watch the kids for the week while their sister is in the hospital, so I went over to see Lena before I left. The poor girl was in so much discomfort and I knew that this certainly was not the way for her to live. My dear sweet Lena, I will remember you forever and look forward to seeing you again in heaven.
When I get back home I will post pics of Lena.


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