Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Day with the Girls

It was really windy and darn right cold here today, but I didn't mind at all. I had a great day all planned with friends to work on some canvas pieces we have been wanting to do. We got our inspiration from our local hospital's gift shop gallery. They had these canvas pieces with birds and looked really cool, but we decided to make our own. When we were at convention Robin seen these bird prints and bought them. Then because she is so kind she printed us all up a copy of them. Thank you Robin. I wasn't sure what I was going to do today, but decided that I would go with the birds, because they are beautiful. Here is what we made:
This is the one I made. I started by primering my canvas with gesso. Then on my paint pallette I put a little of the pink paint and watered it down, I brushed in onto the canvas by pulling it in from the outside edge of the canvas. Next I  applied the blue paint the same way and finally I added the purple paint, using less of each color as I went along. Then to blend the colors together I took a baby wipe and dapped over all the colors, it created a cool texture too. Next I did all my stamping, using ink pads that coordinated with the paint colors. I layered my bird print onto dark purple cardstock and  glued it down with mod podge. I went over the whole canvas piece at this time. For my second layer of mod podge I attached my lace and the quilled flower. I gave this piece a finishing touch by adding Tim Holtz's idea-ology metal corners.

This is Cindy's piece, her canvas size is a litttle smaller but she used approx the same techniques as I did on mine. Cindy used a cardinal from one of the prints Robin gave us and darker colors of paint. I think it turned out beautiful.

This is Robin's piece, she decided to use the same colors as I did and also the same techniques. She said she might add a few embellishments to it when she go it home. I received an email from her and she has decided to do more of them with the different bird prints and line her hallway. That will look really cool.

Here is Susan's piece. She used her own creativitity to design hers. I told her it looks like she just bought it at Kirkland's. I believe her's is going to be a gift. Susan used some of Tim Hotlz's masks and paint to create her very unique background. Those elephants are way cool, she cut them out of paper from a elephant design she got off the internet, then she glittered them up. I love those prima flowers she included in her design too. She then wrote on the top "Elephants never forget" So cool.
What a great time we have when we get together.

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Mod Podge Amy said...

Very cool! Love your projects.


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