Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lenten Devotion - Holy Saturday

Read: Lamentations 3: 37-58

Our lives are filled with effects of the world. Pain and suffering from not just sickness but also by the way other people treat us. We also suffer because of the way we treat others around us. We also live in constant sin because we choose to, yet by the grace of God we are forgiven.
We allow ourselves to become angry, anxious and cruel. We are human and we find it hard to change. We pity others, become jealous of what others have. Yet God shows us how to love even our enemies.
We try so hard to be the victim that we fail to see what God really wants from us. He sees how we treat others and how they treat us. He wants us to reach out to Him for guidance, strength and compassion. We need to listen and follow; to allow our lives to be in His hands.
We know because Scripture tells us, we only need to reach out and ask God for His help. We can simply ask for guidance and He will give it. We need to cry out to Jesus and He will listen.
Let God rule your life. Turn your entire life over to Him. He knows we are not perfect and He does not expect us to be free of sin, we only have to confess our sins and we are forgiven.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, We are the persecuted, we are also sinful people. We ask that you forgive us and lead us in the right direction. We place our lives in Your capable hands and give us guidance. Amen.

by Jean Olsen

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Maron said...

Beautiful post. Thank you


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