Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lenten Devotion: Read Psalms 70,71,74 ,by June Jones

While trying to decide which of the 4 possible Scripture suggestions to use for this devotion, nothing seemed to fit until I looked at Psalms 70. The Psalms usually have a notation under the chapter number. That notation under Psalms chapter 70, reads: "For the director of Music, of David, A petition."

Psalms 70: 4 reads: "May all who see You rejoice and be glad in You, may those who love Your salvation always say, Let God be Exalted!"

I cannot say how much a part of my life music has been, and how my petition has been to follow the Lord. He has been so good to me!

As we approach the Easter season, what better way to choose than to worship Him by Scripture and music. The words of a song when sung or spoken can be such a source of praise.

There is a song that the Sunday School kids sing that could be a prayer song for all of us.

I want to praise you, Lord.

I want to know you, Lord.

I want to love you, Lord.

I want to serve you, Lord.

Much more than I do!

Let us all at this Easter season strive to praise Him, love Him know Him, and serve Him and give Him the glory.

Thought for the day: What better time or more beautiful season, What greater occasion or more wonderful reason, to kneel down in prayer and thank God above, for eternal life, the gift of His love.

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