Thursday, January 7, 2010

It must be the lack of sunshine.............why else would a person not be able to come up with any creative energy! That isn't all true, but having the whole day at home I should have been able to just get lots of projects either done or at least started. I did get my cleaning done, and then for the whole afternoon I wasn't able to concentrate on anything. Finally after I went and fed the horses I was able to come home and get started on a project. I am sorry to say though I can't show it to you. Its a card I am in a card exchange with. I will show you though after all the girls in the exchange have their card. So patience......
Saturday is the big day.....we will be back to having classes. But alas the weather is not looking so good. Maybe it will miss us or dissipate all together. You can scroll down through the blog and see the samples if you haven't already seen them.
Its off to work in the morning and hopefully when I come home I will be able to get a project done to post for you, so until then have a great evening.

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