Sunday, October 26, 2008

Card Class - "Cricut Card" I've had my cricut for awhile not and have not taken the time to make cards using one of my cartridges, so now we have it. They really are simple but you can add so much to the cards to dress them up. I have cut out four different designs for you to choose from and then added stamping to dress them up. Although it is calling for some snow early this week we will still be in the fall theme with our class. Card class times are as follows: Monday's at 10:30 a.m., 1:00 p.m., and 6:30 p.m. All are welcome to join us in any one of those time slots, the same class will be taught all day. Hope you can make it.

I am still hoping for a couple more nice warmer days to do a little more yard work. I have another flower bed that I would like to get trimmed around. I also like to cover all the beds with horse manure before winter and that's not done. Next week end is not suppose to be to bad so hopefully it will be warm enough to be comfortable for me to work outside.
I have mulched all the leaves and the ones that have fallen since then were all blown away today, so that's good. The goats think the leaves are a great snack, I tease and say they think they are potato chips. You know the old saying..."you can't eat just one." Well that's how they are with those dried up leaves.
There wasn't very many chestnuts from my tree this year, but I did collect the ones I had. Well at least the ones I got to before the squirrels did. I have this beautiful black squirrel that plays around in my yard, and he is very busy putting away those nuts for the winter. There is also a couple hickory nuts and he gets plenty from those trees. Oliver would just love to chase that squirrel but its to dangerous to let him run. He just would be so involved in chasing the squirrel he would never listen to me to come back, and the squirrel could run out into the road. Not a good thing.
I am really going to get busy making my Christmas cards. I have had the stamps that I want to use for them since last spring and haven't started. I need to get them done, so I can not be rushed at the last minute. I usually make around 100 cards, but this year I won't have as many to do. So I will probably start with 50 and see from there how many more I will need to do. Do you have yours done yet???
Have a great evening.

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