Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Class - "Bandana Technique"

Wow talk about procrastinating. I did a wonderful job of that this week. Here is the card for tomorrow mornings class, this is a fun technique, be ready to be loose and carefree and to doodle away the morning. We will also be using my rectangle nestabilities, just can't get enough of those things. These cards really do look like we used bandannas to make the background, don't you think.

Hope you all a very safe and enjoyable holiday. I had a wonderful time visiting my nephew and his new wife in their beautiful new home on Sunday. They invited us up for a picnic, and she did a great job for her first family picnic. Then on Monday my brothers and I celebrated my Mom and Dad's birthdays. My Dad turned 75, he said he felt like he was 13 again, well maybe he really did, who knows. My Mom turned 70, she said its no different than the day before, that would be my Mom.

Have you ever wondered why sometimes things go the way they do in life and wish they would have turned out different? That has happened lots of times but what I have learned in life is that no matter what may be, the only one who can make you happy is yourself. You need to look toward your inner self and decide what you really want out of life and see how much of that you can do for yourself. If you wait and rely on someone else to do it for you, you will always be disappointed. Then in turn you will be unhappy and be looking for things to make you satisfied. I have also learned that by asking for God's help you can be a very happy person, he has ways of showing you just what is really important in life and helps you to handle all of life's disappointments. I have recently had to come to terms with a really big disappointment in my life and God has helped me to count my blessings. Not that I am still not disappointed but I can handle this and life does go on. So when life gives you a lemon remember to make lemonade!!


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