Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Card Class - "Altered Scrapbook Paper"

I had a good time while away the last three days with Jill and her family. Learned a lot about and with Cedric. lol We had a couple of doctors appointments, visited Waldameer, Presque Isle, Tom Ridge Center, The Zoo, and stayed in a "Seriously nice hotel" this was Sydni's description, you would have thought it was the Hilton. Missed my dogs but they did fine and were very excited when I did come home, guessed they missed me too.

For class this week we will be altering some scrapbook paper to enhance it a little bit more for our card making. As you see by the sample we will be embossing with white embossing powder, which is my favorite color for embossing at the moment. I love the look it gives and it stands out really well. I also love these little flowers that come in a bottle, they are called "Got Flowers". When you buy the tiny ones you get a really good deal, so many in each bottle. I'm sure you will come up with some really great variations on this technique. See you at class.


p said...

these are very pretty.
scrapbook-crazy - mini scrapbook blog
make a mini album

Bev Coffaro said...

Thanks P I am glad you enjoyed them


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