Thursday, June 5, 2008

The New Gardener- "Max"

Meet my new Gardener-"Max". His speciality is tilling, but he will also do a little weeding. Don't you just wish your Gardener was as handsome as mine??? He also doubles as the "Pool Guy". Any mud hole will do, he will try cleaning it out to make it a little more presentable. Yesterday he was so dirty by the time he was done work, he really had to take a bath. Today after he cleaned the pool, he was acquainted with the hose. Which he really didn't mind at all. This little dog has so much energy and is very entertaining. I do wish he wouldn't chew my living room furniture and my legs, kinda hurts the legs. If he could only hear he would think his name was "No Max". I just love puppies of all ages, sizes and breeds. If you feel something is missing in your life maybe you need a puppy. I would be happy to go with you to pick it up, just ask Robin, we make a good puppy team.
Garage Sale starts tomorrow, wow is it suppose to be warm out there- 92 degrees, I'm thankful for some shade in my front yard. I will be glad to get all that stuff off my porch, none of this stuff comes back to the house. It must be either sold, given to charity or just put in the dumpster, either way it will be gone. Thats a rule I make when I do a garage sale, don't keep it after the sale get rid of it. There is no sense in sorting and cleaning out if you are going to keep it if it doesn't sell. It kinda defeats the whole purpose of a garage sale, in my opinion. Stop over I might have a treasure for you!!!
Have a great evening!

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