Saturday, June 7, 2008

Garage Sale

Whew!!! Its over, and am I ever glad. Garage Sales can be fun and I did have a good time, but I am even happier that its done. All the preparation gathering stuff for the sale, then the setting up, then sitting out it that sweltering heat (and it was hot), then storing it under the tables for the evening, back up in the morning to set up again, setting in the heat again all day, then the tearing down and disposing off all the left over stuff. Whew!! The girls did well with their lemonade stand and the money goes to a cancer foundation to help children with cancer. Now tomorrow I will get my porch cleaned back off and then go get the annuals to plant in the pots, then it will be back to work in the yard. No rest for the wicked they say!

Tomorrow I plan on spending the whole day in my studio, hopefully I will have something to post tomorrow night for you. I have missed working in my studio and having artsy time. I have a couple class projects to make and then I need to work on my altered book and trading cards. Robin had shown me some really neat spirelli pieces that she had made and I am hoping to cut some patterns with my cricut and try my hand at spirelli. Its really cool and looks great on cards or scrapbook pages. I want to do a large one and use it for a frame on one of my scrapbook pages. So if I work hard on what I have to get finished first I hope to have time to play with the spirelli.

Have a great evening!

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