Sunday, June 1, 2008

Class for June 2nd and 5th, 2008

"Fun with Matting"
Here is a sample of next weeks class. Boy did I have fun cutting out all those scalloped mats with my Cricut, kept pulling out lots of colored paper. Then decided I had quite a stack it was time to stop. So the fun didn't stop there, then I proceeded to make 5 cards for this weeks class samples. And again I decided it was time to stop, I could have kept going all night. These cards are fun and simple to make and the choices are endless. So stop in for class and see how creative you can be.

The gardening is coming along well, hopefully this week I will get my annuals in the pots. Its sure is challenging doing the gardening with Max, he just loves it. Oliver and Karli never thought it was that much fun. Today Max dug a hole and had his head all the way in it, when he came up he looked so proud of himself and was quite dirty. I have also found out that Max likes water and he likes it dirty. Any mud puddle he finds he has to see what is at the bottom and pull it out. You can just about imagine what he looks like then. Guess he shouldn't have had all that white on him, he will never look clean. Max is also quite fearless, today we went for a walk and he seen the horses. Well he thought they looked like fun and wanted to go right over. Sometimes we just have to save these critters from themselves, he doesn't know the horse could hurt him. Oh the life of a puppy, talk about ADD, these little guys sure do have a bad case of it. Well enough on the puppy charades, have a great evening.

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