Sunday, May 11, 2008

Versamarker Resist Class

This weeks class is "Versamarker Resist" and what fun it is. There are many many steps in this class, but its worth the work, just look at all that color. As you all well know I love to play in my inks and get messy, well this isn't too messy but we sure will play with many brands of dye ink pads. Please bring to class with you a H2O brush, versamarker or embossing marker, and rubber gloves if you don't want ink on your hands.

I hope all of you that are "Mothers" have had a wonderful Mother's Day even though the weather wasn't real warm it wasn't a wash out either and we can be thankful for that. I had some time alone to spend with my rubber stamps and that was wonderful for me.

Sophia is doing better after her last bad episode this last week and I am very thankful for that. Rob and Kim sent me some pictures while they were down visiting Sophia today via: cell phone. That's so cool to be able to get the pictures like that. What a wonderful time for Kim to have all three girls together for Mother's Day.

Oliver and Max are getting along great. Oliver is getting a little taste of how if feels to be played so ruff with. He is so ruff with Karli and I keep thinking Karli ought to do a little reprimanding, but she is just so gentle. Now Oliver should do a little reprimanding with Max and he is just as gentle with him. They sure do know who is the puppy and are very good with them. Here is a picture to show you a sample of just how well they are getting along.

Have a great evening, love Me

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