Friday, May 2, 2008

Part 3 "Inchie Challenge - Inchie Album"

"Inchie Album"

Your next challenge for our "Inchie Journey" is to create an album. There are many ways to create an album, you can start with an album already put together and alter it. Or maybe begin with a pre-made journal and alter that. What ever you decide to do will be just fine. I decided to create an album from scratch. Here are the directions for creating one like mine.

First you will need to gather some supplies, here is my list: book board for the covers, card stock for the pages, decorative paper for the front cover, embellishments, zutter, adhesive (I used Perfect Paper Adhesive from US Art Quest), stamps, ink pads, ruler, double sided tape, paper cutter and vinyl to cover the book board with.

The next step is to decide what size you would like your album to be. I decided on 6" x 8" so I cut my book board to this size and I needed one for the front and one for the back cover. From my black vinyl I cut two pieces 10" x 8"and from the ivory vinyl I cut two pieces 5 3/4" x 7 3/4". I wanted to have 24 pages in mine, so I cut 12 pieces of black card stock to 5 3/4" x 7 3/4". I also wanted headers on each of my pages and I cut them out of ivory card stock to 1 3/4" x 7 1/2" and I needed 24 of these. I wanted squares to mount my "Inchies" on so they would stand out, so from the ivory paper I cut eight 1 3/4" squares for each page (192 squares total).

Lets start with the covers: Lay your black vinyl down on your work surface right side down. Take a piece of the book board and cover one side of it with Perfect Paper Adhesive (PPA), then lay it on the vinyl as shown here. Spread PPA along the outside edges of the vinyl. Fold in all four corners, then fold in the sides. You will need to add more adhesive to the folded in corners.Do this for your front and back covers. Then cover this side of both of the covers with PPA and lay on the ivory vinyl.

You will now have two pieces that look like this. Put those aside for now and we will work on the pages.

When assembling the pages you will want to make sure to put the headers on the edge of the page that will have the binding on it. If you put your "Inchie" mounting squares there they will get caught up in the binding and you won't have enough room for the "Inchie". So I did all my headers first page by page lining them up like I was turning the pages of my album.

Using the card stock pieces that we have cut for the "Inchie" mounting squares finish putting your pages together. For an example on how to attach your "Inchies" after your album is finished you can see here that I am going to use photo mounting squares for mine. It may take two per "Inchie" to hold them in place. This way you can take your "Inchie" out if you need it for one of your art projects in the future.

Now follow the directions with the Zutter machine and punch all the holes for the binding coil on each of the pages and the front and back covers. After you are finished with that you will line everything up and put the binding coil on and again following the Zutter directions you will attach the coil.

Now your album will be all bound together and will resemble something like this. Let the creativity begin, the fun part for me is the outside decorating. I used some designer paper, paper I created, rubber stamps, lots of embellishments, and look even part of an old ruler. Can you see the "Inchie" I incorporated into my cover. Design yours to your own tastes and when you are done send me a picture so I can share your artwork on the blog.
Inch by Inch you will get there.........

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