Wednesday, May 7, 2008

"Max" is home!!!

.....and what a doll he is. Minda said he was sweet and she sure did have that right. This little guy was ready to go as soon as I took him out of the crate at the airport. Oliver was in shock for about 6 hours, not Max. Max's head is as big as Oliver's and his feet are bigger. Actually his size reminds me more of when Karli was a puppy. He is expected to be a mini not a toy, and that's fine with me. Oliver has loved him from the get go, he was so excited he just kept wagging his butt. Then Oliver was up several times during the night checking on him, what a sweet heart. Karli is pretending that he is not here, at least she is not ignoring me too, when I brought Oliver home she pouted for three days. Oliver and Max are both under my chair sleeping at the moment. The only thing Oliver says he won't share is his food bowl. I don't see his deafness as a problem he already looks to me for everything, will keep him on a leash for awhile to make sure he knows his boundaries and gets to know to follow Oliver. I don't include Karli in on that because she wanders sometimes. Silly girl! Its love at first sight for all the grandkids, this little puppy will be smothered with affection from all of them. When Max went with me tonight to watch Cedric, he (Cedric) was so excited that I brought Max, he gave me 10 kisses. Now that was way to cool. Gina and Julia stamped their seal of approval on Max before I left for home, they had a good time going with us to the airport to get the puppy. I can't thank Kim enough for taking me down, I would have been so lost. I always enjoy Kim's company, if you haven't met her before you will have to sometime she is a wonderful person. Will get some pictures to you soon. Have a great evening, love Bev

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