Monday, May 5, 2008

Interactive Trading Card

Our Technique for this month for our Trading Card Club was to do an interactive trading card. I had bought this set of stamps at the convention and decided to do a cute little froggy card. I am not usually a cutsie card person, but, I needed more stamps to use for kids cards and I thought these would be really cute. This trading card opens at the top to reveal a pop up message on the inside. I can see this stamp set working out really cute for some birthday cards for Cedric.
Tomorrow is the big day, I wonder how much sleep I will actually get tonight. Last time I went to the airport was to pick up Oliver, and that poor little guys plane was delayed for an hour. I hope that doesn't repeat itself tomorrow. The girl I am getting the puppy from says he is very smart and sweet. This puppy makes Oliver an uncle, so now he is being called "Uncle Oliver" sounds pretty cute. I am thinking the puppies name will either be Max or Casper, just can't make up my mind. When I hold him tomorrow maybe I will be able to. The grandkids think Casper will be pretty cute since he has a lot of white on him, but Max is speaking to me. We shall see. Will try to remember to take lots of pictures, need to scrapbook a baby page. Well sometime that is I haven't done Oliver's yet. Maybe that will be the book I will work on for awhile. I have been doing grandkids albums, its time for a break and do something different.
So how is the "Inchie" challenge coming, I haven't received any pictures lately. I hope you are all busy creating them and just haven't had the time to send them. Looking forward to seeing more "Inchie" art!!!!
Have a great evening,

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Suzeq18 said...

You know I just finished my interactive cards and thought I'd done pretty good - then I see your little pop up! Oh well. Good luck tomorrow with the puppy. He's one lucky pup! And can't wait for pictures.


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