Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Max discovered Joe's ice cream bucket that he had left sitting on the floor. As you can see he thoroughly enjoyed licking it clean. He has settled in very well, you would think he has been here forever. Just another wonderful dog to add to my pack, hmmm should I stop here. You know there are more colors of these dogs......I don't have a red meryl, tri, or a yellow golden. Well in all honestly three is enough and I won't be getting another for a very long time. But I sure do enjoy them.
Went to Robin's today for scrapping, but we didn't scrap. Robin and Cindy wanted to make a journal and use the Zutter for the binding. I said sure we can do that, I just used it on my "Inchie" album and it works great. Well the best laid plans always seem to go astray. Everything that could go wrong did of course. This is a wonderful little gadget but you do have to follow the directions to a T or it won't work right. And you do have to be able to use a ruler accurately. After all the little mistakes they did make some very beautiful journals and we did have a good time. Lesson for the day..."Never be to sure of yourself."
Have a good evening.....

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