Friday, May 30, 2008

Busy Week

What a busy week I have much to do. I have my porch all done and have been working on the flower beds around the house....made big progress on them today. If it doesn't rain tomorrow I am hoping to get more done on those. The dogs have been loving the time outside, it sure does wind Max up. He can run pretty fast. Max also likes to work in the flower beds, I did some tilling and then went back with the rake to smooth it all out and then Max followed behind me digging more holes. Then he lays in them and looks at me to say "Look what a wonderful job I did." Oh boy, so its back to the raking for me to smooth them out again. Can't get mad at him because he looks so darn cute. For the final raking I put all the dogs back in the house and told them it was nap time. Big meanie that I am. Wish I would have had my camera it would have made a really cute picture, Max laying in his freshly dug hole.

Great long last.......Sophia may come home on tuesday or wednesday. The surgery she had last week has done her a lot of good and if all goes well she will finally get to come home. This is the best news her family has had in a long time, can you imagine how excited they are to finally have their daughter be able to come home. It makes me want to cry because I am so happy for all of them. Thank God for this wonderful news.

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