Friday, May 30, 2008

Busy Week

What a busy week I have much to do. I have my porch all done and have been working on the flower beds around the house....made big progress on them today. If it doesn't rain tomorrow I am hoping to get more done on those. The dogs have been loving the time outside, it sure does wind Max up. He can run pretty fast. Max also likes to work in the flower beds, I did some tilling and then went back with the rake to smooth it all out and then Max followed behind me digging more holes. Then he lays in them and looks at me to say "Look what a wonderful job I did." Oh boy, so its back to the raking for me to smooth them out again. Can't get mad at him because he looks so darn cute. For the final raking I put all the dogs back in the house and told them it was nap time. Big meanie that I am. Wish I would have had my camera it would have made a really cute picture, Max laying in his freshly dug hole.

Great long last.......Sophia may come home on tuesday or wednesday. The surgery she had last week has done her a lot of good and if all goes well she will finally get to come home. This is the best news her family has had in a long time, can you imagine how excited they are to finally have their daughter be able to come home. It makes me want to cry because I am so happy for all of them. Thank God for this wonderful news.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Class for May 29th, 2008 - "Embossing Powder Coloring"

I believe the first thing that drew me to Rubber Stamping was the Embossed look. I loved the
texture it created and how it almost appeared magical to watch the powder melt in to an embossed image. We will carry this one step further by using different colors of embossing powder and then inks to add several colors to our image. The little charm embellishments are by Lil Davis Designs and they add just the finishing touch to our card. Join us for this class on
Thursday morning at 10:30 a.m. May 29th, 2008.

I hope all of you are enjoying the holiday weekend and that it is a safe one for you and your family.
I am spending my weekend getting my porch painted, have to get it done before it starts raining again. I have the wicker and the iron glider all painted and have started the railing on the porch. It is such a tedious job, but so rewarding when it is done. I am looking forward to warm summer days with the porch all cleaned and painted, sitting with my dogs and reading a good book. So up bright and early tomorrow morning to get the picnic foods made and then spending the rest of the afternoon finishing up the railing. The next nice day I get I will have to rent a sander to sand off all the loose paint on the floor and then can get that painted. Then I can get my flowers and be ready to enjoy the fruits of my labor. I will get you some pictures when its all done. Have a great evening.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"TICS"....The Inchie Club

Ok so can you guess the first theme challenge for our club........its "Butterflies". Rules are your finished piece of art must measure 1" x 1", it must be centered around the "Theme Challenge" for the month, you must make one inchie for each member of the group, you must have your "Inchies" delivered to me by the second Saturday of every month. So the first round will start on June 14th, 2008 and you will have until July 12th, 2008 to complete your first challenge which is "Butterflies". If you are mailing them to me you will also need to send a SASE along for the return postage. It would also be a good idea to sign the back of your "Inchies".

Monday, May 19, 2008

How are those "Inchie Albums" coming?

Here are some "Digital Inchies" I created using a section of a card I had made. Aren't they just so cool. The designs you can get from just one card are fairly endless. Here's the card. This technique is called "Faux Collage".
Our challenge started out with making little 1" square pieces of art which are called "Inchies". From there the second part to our challenge was to make an "Inchie Card" using your "Inchies" as the focal point. The third part to our challenge was to create an "Inchie Journal", now are you thinking this is all leading up to something? You're right, how about an "Inchie Club"? The Inchie Club (s).......otherwise known as the "TICS". If you would like to participate please email me to sign up. Doesn't matter where you live you can participate, the postal service does a great job delivering mail even in my rural area. This will work the same as our Trading Card Club, only thing changes is the size of art you are creating. I will give you a list of members and let you know the theme for every month and you will create an "Inchie" for each member of the group. Mail your finished "Inchies" to me and I will divide them all up and mail them back. You will need to send a SASE with your "Inchies" to get them back. Please sign up by June 1st, 2008 and the club will start July 1st, 2008 with our first round of "Inchies". Looking forward to hearing from you!!!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Next Weeks Class - "Punched Flowers"

"Punched Flowers and Border"

Many times when we are doing a project we have left over papers, either from Scrap booking or Stamping. A really good way to use up some of those papers is to use them with our punched art and that is what we will be doing in this weeks class. As you see I have incorporated many different flower punches with the same paper to make a very pretty card. This also is a tri-fold card, creating a little more interest. We start with a 8 1/2" x 11" piece of paper and we can get both a greeting card and a gift card out of that one piece, leaving no scraps. This makes a beautiful co-ordinated set for the card and gift. I will be excited to see what you come up with for your combinations. That's most of the fun for me, is to see what everyone else does with the idea and how they all vary.
Please join us classes are held Monday evening @ 6:30p.m. and Thursday morning at 10:30 a.m. Just e-mail and let me know you are coming.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

T-Ball and

Went down to watch Gina play T-Ball tonight. What fun that is those kids are just so darn cute. Gina did hit the ball three times tonight with being pitched to and not using the T. She also played all three bases, what a good little ball player she will be. Those little kids are just all over that ball when its hit, the whole team will run to one spot to get the ball, soooo funny. Then they just end up bumping into each other and it takes longer for someone to finally get the ball. One of the little boys on the other team could throw that ball from third to first and be accurate too. These kids range in age from 3-5 and some of them sure are pretty small.

Karli and Oliver babysat Max while I was gone. Must have gone well they were all still happy when I came back. Poor Holly didn't have such a great time, Karli has diarrhea and had a messy butt that Holly had to hose before she could come back in the house. I would say that that was a little above and beyond the call of duty. What a trouper that Holly is, Karli and I both appreciate her a lot. I am told by the vet that all this grass eating the dogs are doing right now if because this spring grass is nice and sweet, bad thing though is the end result can be diarrhea. On the other hand I did just open a new bag of dog food so it could be that too. So she is now eating canned vet food and rice until her system is back to normal then I will slowly reintroduce the dog food and if she has problems again I will know it is the dog food and not the grass. Oliver had a case of the same thing a couple of days ago, he is better and I am just starting to reintroduce the dog food to him. Hope it all goes well. Now aren't you glad you stopped in to read my blog and hear all this wonderful news about dogs and diarrhea. Hey you never know what will be discussed here!!! Have a great evening......

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Max discovered Joe's ice cream bucket that he had left sitting on the floor. As you can see he thoroughly enjoyed licking it clean. He has settled in very well, you would think he has been here forever. Just another wonderful dog to add to my pack, hmmm should I stop here. You know there are more colors of these dogs......I don't have a red meryl, tri, or a yellow golden. Well in all honestly three is enough and I won't be getting another for a very long time. But I sure do enjoy them.
Went to Robin's today for scrapping, but we didn't scrap. Robin and Cindy wanted to make a journal and use the Zutter for the binding. I said sure we can do that, I just used it on my "Inchie" album and it works great. Well the best laid plans always seem to go astray. Everything that could go wrong did of course. This is a wonderful little gadget but you do have to follow the directions to a T or it won't work right. And you do have to be able to use a ruler accurately. After all the little mistakes they did make some very beautiful journals and we did have a good time. Lesson for the day..."Never be to sure of yourself."
Have a good evening.....

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Versamarker Resist Class

This weeks class is "Versamarker Resist" and what fun it is. There are many many steps in this class, but its worth the work, just look at all that color. As you all well know I love to play in my inks and get messy, well this isn't too messy but we sure will play with many brands of dye ink pads. Please bring to class with you a H2O brush, versamarker or embossing marker, and rubber gloves if you don't want ink on your hands.

I hope all of you that are "Mothers" have had a wonderful Mother's Day even though the weather wasn't real warm it wasn't a wash out either and we can be thankful for that. I had some time alone to spend with my rubber stamps and that was wonderful for me.

Sophia is doing better after her last bad episode this last week and I am very thankful for that. Rob and Kim sent me some pictures while they were down visiting Sophia today via: cell phone. That's so cool to be able to get the pictures like that. What a wonderful time for Kim to have all three girls together for Mother's Day.

Oliver and Max are getting along great. Oliver is getting a little taste of how if feels to be played so ruff with. He is so ruff with Karli and I keep thinking Karli ought to do a little reprimanding, but she is just so gentle. Now Oliver should do a little reprimanding with Max and he is just as gentle with him. They sure do know who is the puppy and are very good with them. Here is a picture to show you a sample of just how well they are getting along.

Have a great evening, love Me

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

"Max" is home!!!

.....and what a doll he is. Minda said he was sweet and she sure did have that right. This little guy was ready to go as soon as I took him out of the crate at the airport. Oliver was in shock for about 6 hours, not Max. Max's head is as big as Oliver's and his feet are bigger. Actually his size reminds me more of when Karli was a puppy. He is expected to be a mini not a toy, and that's fine with me. Oliver has loved him from the get go, he was so excited he just kept wagging his butt. Then Oliver was up several times during the night checking on him, what a sweet heart. Karli is pretending that he is not here, at least she is not ignoring me too, when I brought Oliver home she pouted for three days. Oliver and Max are both under my chair sleeping at the moment. The only thing Oliver says he won't share is his food bowl. I don't see his deafness as a problem he already looks to me for everything, will keep him on a leash for awhile to make sure he knows his boundaries and gets to know to follow Oliver. I don't include Karli in on that because she wanders sometimes. Silly girl! Its love at first sight for all the grandkids, this little puppy will be smothered with affection from all of them. When Max went with me tonight to watch Cedric, he (Cedric) was so excited that I brought Max, he gave me 10 kisses. Now that was way to cool. Gina and Julia stamped their seal of approval on Max before I left for home, they had a good time going with us to the airport to get the puppy. I can't thank Kim enough for taking me down, I would have been so lost. I always enjoy Kim's company, if you haven't met her before you will have to sometime she is a wonderful person. Will get some pictures to you soon. Have a great evening, love Bev

Monday, May 5, 2008

Interactive Trading Card

Our Technique for this month for our Trading Card Club was to do an interactive trading card. I had bought this set of stamps at the convention and decided to do a cute little froggy card. I am not usually a cutsie card person, but, I needed more stamps to use for kids cards and I thought these would be really cute. This trading card opens at the top to reveal a pop up message on the inside. I can see this stamp set working out really cute for some birthday cards for Cedric.
Tomorrow is the big day, I wonder how much sleep I will actually get tonight. Last time I went to the airport was to pick up Oliver, and that poor little guys plane was delayed for an hour. I hope that doesn't repeat itself tomorrow. The girl I am getting the puppy from says he is very smart and sweet. This puppy makes Oliver an uncle, so now he is being called "Uncle Oliver" sounds pretty cute. I am thinking the puppies name will either be Max or Casper, just can't make up my mind. When I hold him tomorrow maybe I will be able to. The grandkids think Casper will be pretty cute since he has a lot of white on him, but Max is speaking to me. We shall see. Will try to remember to take lots of pictures, need to scrapbook a baby page. Well sometime that is I haven't done Oliver's yet. Maybe that will be the book I will work on for awhile. I have been doing grandkids albums, its time for a break and do something different.
So how is the "Inchie" challenge coming, I haven't received any pictures lately. I hope you are all busy creating them and just haven't had the time to send them. Looking forward to seeing more "Inchie" art!!!!
Have a great evening,

Sunday, May 4, 2008

"Faux Metal" Class for next week

Next weeks class is a lot of fun.....I love to work with inks and creating backgrounds for all our rubber stamp art. I'm sure you will enjoy creating this too.

If you don't want to get ink on your fingers you may want to bring some rubber gloves to protect them.
The big day is coming up soon, Tuesday the new puppy is coming home. I am being very patient though and not driving everyone crazy with giddiness. Hmmm is there such a word as that. My dear friend Robin has agreed to go with me, although her husband says we are only allowed to bring home one puppy. Doesn't he know the more the merrier. The grand kids are excited, Kara says she will be to my house as soon as I get home with him, and she will too. She will be ready to give him lots of loving. Cedric just loves both Karli and Oliver, I can't wait to see what he thinks about the puppy. Will have to protect the little guy from Cedric for awhile, he's all boy and what fun he does have.
Have a great evening, love Bev

Friday, May 2, 2008

Part 3 "Inchie Challenge - Inchie Album"

"Inchie Album"

Your next challenge for our "Inchie Journey" is to create an album. There are many ways to create an album, you can start with an album already put together and alter it. Or maybe begin with a pre-made journal and alter that. What ever you decide to do will be just fine. I decided to create an album from scratch. Here are the directions for creating one like mine.

First you will need to gather some supplies, here is my list: book board for the covers, card stock for the pages, decorative paper for the front cover, embellishments, zutter, adhesive (I used Perfect Paper Adhesive from US Art Quest), stamps, ink pads, ruler, double sided tape, paper cutter and vinyl to cover the book board with.

The next step is to decide what size you would like your album to be. I decided on 6" x 8" so I cut my book board to this size and I needed one for the front and one for the back cover. From my black vinyl I cut two pieces 10" x 8"and from the ivory vinyl I cut two pieces 5 3/4" x 7 3/4". I wanted to have 24 pages in mine, so I cut 12 pieces of black card stock to 5 3/4" x 7 3/4". I also wanted headers on each of my pages and I cut them out of ivory card stock to 1 3/4" x 7 1/2" and I needed 24 of these. I wanted squares to mount my "Inchies" on so they would stand out, so from the ivory paper I cut eight 1 3/4" squares for each page (192 squares total).

Lets start with the covers: Lay your black vinyl down on your work surface right side down. Take a piece of the book board and cover one side of it with Perfect Paper Adhesive (PPA), then lay it on the vinyl as shown here. Spread PPA along the outside edges of the vinyl. Fold in all four corners, then fold in the sides. You will need to add more adhesive to the folded in corners.Do this for your front and back covers. Then cover this side of both of the covers with PPA and lay on the ivory vinyl.

You will now have two pieces that look like this. Put those aside for now and we will work on the pages.

When assembling the pages you will want to make sure to put the headers on the edge of the page that will have the binding on it. If you put your "Inchie" mounting squares there they will get caught up in the binding and you won't have enough room for the "Inchie". So I did all my headers first page by page lining them up like I was turning the pages of my album.

Using the card stock pieces that we have cut for the "Inchie" mounting squares finish putting your pages together. For an example on how to attach your "Inchies" after your album is finished you can see here that I am going to use photo mounting squares for mine. It may take two per "Inchie" to hold them in place. This way you can take your "Inchie" out if you need it for one of your art projects in the future.

Now follow the directions with the Zutter machine and punch all the holes for the binding coil on each of the pages and the front and back covers. After you are finished with that you will line everything up and put the binding coil on and again following the Zutter directions you will attach the coil.

Now your album will be all bound together and will resemble something like this. Let the creativity begin, the fun part for me is the outside decorating. I used some designer paper, paper I created, rubber stamps, lots of embellishments, and look even part of an old ruler. Can you see the "Inchie" I incorporated into my cover. Design yours to your own tastes and when you are done send me a picture so I can share your artwork on the blog.
Inch by Inch you will get there.........

Thursday, May 1, 2008

"Inchies by Katina"

Here are some beautiful "Inchies" submitted by Katina. She has done a wonderful job, check out that cute little mouse she made with her finger print. Very clever. I also love the paper piecing she did on the "Present Inchie". And now as you can see below she has outdone herself with her "Inchie Card". What a talented young lady Katina is. Thank-you for submitting your art, Katina.


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