Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Where Are You God?

How are things might ask....well baby Sophia had a collapsed lung yesterday, Mom has the hives, oldest sister is getting headaches, the middle child doesn't want to see the baby, and Dad is trying to hold it all together but has a hard time when the doctor visits. So I ask "Where are you God?" Knowing full well he is in charge and has everything under control, whom am I to doubt!
As I was driving home today, I had left the family and their troubles behind (so I think), I take my good ole time. Not ready to be back home yet and not ready to leave the family behind. All I think about all the way home is what a pretty day it is, the three deer that passed in front of me how beautiful they are, the beauty of the daffodils that are showing their pretty heads, and how the grass is turning a beautiful green. Not wanting to be anywhere for the time being, just enjoying the time it takes to get home.
Well time is up back to real life, I am home. My wonderful dogs are here to greet me with their undying devotion, again I wonder about the simplicity of life. I am trying to get to sleep and just cry, I guess to let off stress. Little Oliver comes up and just starts to lick my face and I hear the words to a song that was recited in church last Sunday "Here I am..." The phone rings its Sophia's Daddy to tell me how the visit with Sophia went today and he was able to hold her for the second time. Sophia opened her eyes and looked right at her Daddy as if to say "I Love You". She is off the oxygen again and isn't all filled with fluid at the moment. Today was a good day for baby Sophia. Again I hear the words to that song "Here I am" So where is God, he is here and I believe he has lots in store for baby Sophia and her family, it just is going to be a tough road. So please keep the prayers coming and I will do my best to keep the faith strong. The doctors and nurses say to just take a day at a time.
As I reported awhile ago Rob was in the process of finishing off the basement of the house so that it would empty out a room upstairs for baby Sophia's bedroom. Well today the carpet was laid and how beautiful it all is. Tomorrow will probably start the changing of all the rooms around. All the toys will be taken downstairs and the toy room will become Julia's room. Then Julia's room will become baby Sophia's. The girls are thrilled with their new room downstairs and they have already taken down the tent and are having a sleep out in the new room. This I believe comes at a good time for them, gives them something to take their minds off everything going on that is stressful for them. I am going back down on Friday to shampoo all the carpets for them.
Saturday is club day, Trading Card and Altered Book this is always a fun day. I get to see some of you I only see once a month and we get some time to visit. I had finished my projects earlier this week, thankfully. I can't show the Altered Book to you though because I had Susan's book and I know she reads this and it would be cheating for her to get a peak at her book. Sorry Susan, but you have to wait. I will get my trading card posted sometime in the next couple of days. I used a Tim Holtz technique that was on his blog, pretty cool. You can check out the technique by clicking on his link in my favorite blog list. Maybe you will want to give the technique a try and send me a photo of what you made.
Have a good evening, until tomorrow, love Bev

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Suzeq18 said...

Thanks for the laugh, and yes I would have been happy to see my book!


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