Thursday, April 3, 2008


Little Sophia didn't have a very good day today, she is now back on the respirator. Breathing on her own got to be to much for her and she now needs help. Luckily the problem isn't stemming from her heart condition, its from immature lungs, which can mature as time goes by. We don't know how long her body will need the rest but we are hopeful that she will be back off the respirator in time. Her oxygen level is back up but her platelets are still low. We are told there will be many ups and downs for Sophia for awhile. Please keep Sophia and her family in your prayers, I know that God can pull her through all this. As you can imagine the stress on the rest of her family, they need your prayers too. I know that this family can persevere and that God has given them this wonderful baby because of their love and unity as a family.

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