Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rubber Stamp Convention

Oh my what a good time I have had the last few days........Let me start with last wednesday. I went down to Rob and Kim's to shampoo the carpets for them and when I was done we all went to the hospital to see Sophia. Well.......I was able to hold that precious little girl. I was in my glory. She is so tiny and I just wanted to kiss her and hold her so tight and never let go. Sophia is doing well and is now up to 4 lbs. The doctors are thinking of taking her out of the NeoNatal Unit and moving her to another hospital......will see where that goes in the next few days.

Then yesterday was the Rubber Stamp Convention in Ohio, and we had a bus of 32 ladies all gather to go. What a wonderful day we did have. Lots of shopping was done by all. First we went to the convention and all the stamps was like being in a candy store.....which one do you buy first? There were many demo's to watch and a few make it /take its. After that we went to Hollo's to buy paper by the pound, many of the girls have never been there before so that was a real treat for them. I certainly bought my share of that paper, I found some really nice foil maybe in the future you will see on some cards. Then we decided to include another stop on our journey and we visited Pat Catans. One of us came out of that store carrying a grapevine tree. Maybe she will hang her stamps on that tree...hmmmmm. Then our next stop was at Rubber Stamp Studio where we participated in make it / take its, refreshments and you guessed it more shopping. Finally its dinner time so we went to Cracker Barrel. After dinner our bus driver made the remark "Well there now you finally did something shopped!" Do you suppose he thinks we did too much shopping in one So yep your right after dinner we did more shopping there.......anyone for a rooster.....well of course there was a taker. So on the bus goes 32 ladies, one tree, and one rooster. (With lots of paper, stamps, and all kinds of other misc. stuff, that we just couldn't live without.) Maybe you can join us in the fall.....when off to another convention we will go!

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Suzeq18 said...

Where is the one in the fall? Don't remember hearing about that one! Thanks again Bev for a great day.


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