Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Meet Sophia

Introducing my new Grand-daughter, Sophia May, born 3 /30/08, weight 3lbs. 3 Oz's. Sophia arrived 8 weeks early, Mom and Baby are doing well.

This very special little girl was not going to wait any longer and she demanded that she be born now. She has lots of that dark hair like her sisters, can't tell if it is going to be curly or not. Sophia will spend the next three to four weeks in the hospital gaining strength until she can go home to learn how to keep up with her sisters. Julia says it looks like Sophia is in a fish tank and Gina wonders if we have to put her back because she is so early. Grandma just can't wait to hold her. I did have to wear a mask whenever visiting the baby because of my cold. Well both girls thought I looked like a duck and they wanted a mask too. They soon found out they weren't going to wear that because even though you look like a duck its not fun. I have spent the last three days with her family helping out. You forget what a busy life it is raising a 5 and 3 year old. They certainly have kept me on my toes, of course, loving every minute of it. I was lucky to be able to spend "Craft Day" with Julia, we made a Caterpillar and a butterfly learning about spring and the beautiful transformation. I was thinking of the beautiful transformational blessing that was bestowed upon our family with this new baby. "Craft Day" is a program through their community, wonderful learning experience for these little ones.

I haven't forgotten the "Challenge" and I do have a couple of days at home. I do have some things to catch up on after being away for 4. So I will first work on getting caught up and then hopefully everything else will fall in place as need be.

My beloved dogs survived 4 days without their "Mom" and what a greeting I did get when I came in the door. Neither one of them could contain themselves, there was a lot of wiggling, whining, and licking going on. I did contain myself though, I didn't participate in any of the above signs of emotion. I did do a lot of hugging and telling them how much I missed them. Are you proud that I could contain myself? (I really don't think I would care for fur balls so the licking was definitely out.) I sure did miss being home with them.

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