Saturday, April 19, 2008

"Inchie"Challenge Part 2

As you can guess by the above cards the second part to the "Inchie Challenge" is to make a card from one or several of your "Inchies". For the card with the Collage Stamp I used my "Inchie" to do the Spotlight Technique. On my Hibiscus Card I used my "Inchie" as an embellishment and on my third card I used three of my "Inchies" to create my focal point for my card.

Here are Susan's "Inchies", don't you agree she did a wonderful job. Thank-you Susan for submitting your art. Your "Inchies" can also be shown on this blog if you submit them to me by e-mail, or snail mail. (Remember if you send them snail mail and would like them returned please include a SASE.) You may also drop your "Inchies" off when you come to participate in a class.

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