Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"Inchie Card by Susan"

Here's an "Inchie" card submitted by Susan. It is wonderful, good job Susan and thank-you for sharing your "Inchie" Art with us. Do you see her "Inchie", its behind the lady's head. I like the way she incorporated the whole rubber stamp image on her card and only used the head of the lady on the "Inchie". Very creative!!

We went to Sydni's ice cream social, book fair, and art show tonight at the grade school. Sydni had taken a picture of her pony and then framed it. She decorated the frame with some stamping and coloring and she was awarded first place. Sydni also painted freehand a barn and picture of her pony and she was awarded 2nd place for that. Talented little girl!! Probably growing up in a stamp store and having all that art available to her since she was 1 year old helped her out with that.

I had a good time scrapping at Robin's home today, put that scrapbook together that I had finished all the pages too. Sure did make a thick book, maybe a little to thick. Oh well, its together now, I am not going to take it back apart. I really don't like putting those screw posts books together, good thing I had Robin's help. I would still be there struggling with it.
Have a good evening!

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