Monday, April 21, 2008

Here's a picture of Cedric playing in his playhouse......he is such a cutie!

It was a beautiful day here today, the sun was shinning and the temperature was right around 70. Perfect for me! I finished another year out in scrapping - 2005- whoo hoo!! By the end of the year I plan on being up to date, now mind you that's only with the grandkids, I haven't done anything of my own kids yet. That will be my project for next year. Tomorrow I am going scrapping at a friends house we have missed the last several weeks for various reasons. I am looking forward to going.

Class was good tonight, we did the "Foil Part 2" class. I will be working on a "Foil" Tutorial that I hope to have posted soon for all of you. Its Foil with the Hot Glue Gun, makes pretty cool embellishments for all your altered projects.

Oh my the Rubber Stamp Convention is only 5 days away are you counting down the hours? I started working on a serious list last night. Just think of all those stamps...... how will we ever control ourselves and not buy to much? Heck with that, throw self control out the window, convention only comes around twice a year. Better make the most of it, right!!!!

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