Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"Foil" Artist Trading Card

For our Artist Trading Card Club I pick a technique and then we all have to do our trading cards using that technique. Little did I know that "Foil" was going to give us all so much trouble. To begin with its very hard to find and then we don't know how to use it. So in lieu of that I have scheduled some "Foil" classes. For my card I did a technique for the background that Tim Holtz has explained on his blog (click on the link on the right labeled "Tim Holtz" to check this out) which by the way has nothing to do with "Foil" but I liked the background. Then I added some "Foil Tape" to the left hand edge to my card. My second technique for adding "Foil" really wasn't the true "Foil" but since we couldn't find the "Foil" to use I agreed that we could also use the Leafing Flakes. So I added some of my Leafing Glue to the upper right hand edge and the lower left hand edge of my card and when that dried to a tacky stage, I then put on my Leafing Flakes. My next "Foil" technique that I used was to take a piece of a Metallic Foil Sheet, colored it with alcohol inks, crimped it and then cut a piece the size I needed for my card. Well one more "Foil" technique to complete my project....I stamped the word "Art" with Duo Adhesive (which only dries to a tacky stage) and when it was dry then I laid my "Foil" sheet on top of the stamped word, dull side down. Then I burnished the stamped word with my finger and pulled off the "Foil Sheet" and WA la, my foil had transferred. Well that seems to be enough "Foil" on my trading card and I decided it was complete. Hope you enjoy it!

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