Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Blue Heron??

Well I am certainly not a brain when it comes to bird species, but maybe these are Blue Heron. Please correct me if I am wrong. I was on my way to go to Rob and Kim's to watch Gina and Julia today while they had several appointments and then they stopped to visit Sophia, and as I passed the spot where I knew these nests were I realized I had my camera along. So of course I had to stop and get some pictures and see just what kind of bird was in these large nests. Its unbelievable just how many nests there are and there also appears to be birds nesting in every one of them. In the top picture it shows some of the nests and you can get an idea just how many there are. For the picture on the bottom I had to zoom in and get a really good look. These birds are just beautiful I would love to get a picture of one of them feeding the babies. They may not be hatched yet so next time I go down I am going to stop again and get more pictures. Maybe I will get lucky and we will get to see some babies. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Well I do have Part 3 to the "Inchie Challenge" done and will hopefully get that posted tomorrow for you. Have a good evening.

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Robin said...

They do seem to be Blue Herons. We had a large one walking around in our backyard last week. They are neat to watch walk because of their long legs.
If you want to see alot of nests, go up I-86 and take the next exit past Steemburg/Onoville exit and drive toward Kinzua. There are normally Ospry nests all along the road for miles. They are huge and often people think they are eagle nests. We stopped one year and took pictures of them and you could see the babies poking their heads out of the nests. It was amazing!


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