Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Blue Heron??

Well I am certainly not a brain when it comes to bird species, but maybe these are Blue Heron. Please correct me if I am wrong. I was on my way to go to Rob and Kim's to watch Gina and Julia today while they had several appointments and then they stopped to visit Sophia, and as I passed the spot where I knew these nests were I realized I had my camera along. So of course I had to stop and get some pictures and see just what kind of bird was in these large nests. Its unbelievable just how many nests there are and there also appears to be birds nesting in every one of them. In the top picture it shows some of the nests and you can get an idea just how many there are. For the picture on the bottom I had to zoom in and get a really good look. These birds are just beautiful I would love to get a picture of one of them feeding the babies. They may not be hatched yet so next time I go down I am going to stop again and get more pictures. Maybe I will get lucky and we will get to see some babies. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Well I do have Part 3 to the "Inchie Challenge" done and will hopefully get that posted tomorrow for you. Have a good evening.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Inchies by Cindy

Cindy did a western theme with her "Inchies", don't you just love all that stitching. Cindy spends alot of time with her real horses so these "Inchies" reflect on her love of horses. Beautiful job, thanks for sharing with us, Cindy. Can't wait to see your card!!!
Its tuesday again and of course that means off to Robin's house to do some scrapping. Well I actually didn't do any scrapping, I worked some more on the third part to our "Inchie Challenge". I have a little more to do on it before you can see it. I won't be able to work on it tomorrow because I am off to go watch Gina and Julia.

I am getting so excited that new little puppy is do to arrive sometime on monday. Here is the new picture that was sent to me......isn't he just adorable!

Monday, April 28, 2008

"Inchie Card by Susan"

Susan has done another wonderful job with incorporating her "Inchie" into a card. Thank-you for submitting your card to share with all of us, Susan. I have more "Inchie's" and another card that will be posted in the next couple of days so be sure to check back tomorrow. Also I almost have Part 3 to our Challenge done and that will be up for all of you to see also in the next couple of days.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rubber Stamp Convention

Oh my what a good time I have had the last few days........Let me start with last wednesday. I went down to Rob and Kim's to shampoo the carpets for them and when I was done we all went to the hospital to see Sophia. Well.......I was able to hold that precious little girl. I was in my glory. She is so tiny and I just wanted to kiss her and hold her so tight and never let go. Sophia is doing well and is now up to 4 lbs. The doctors are thinking of taking her out of the NeoNatal Unit and moving her to another hospital......will see where that goes in the next few days.

Then yesterday was the Rubber Stamp Convention in Ohio, and we had a bus of 32 ladies all gather to go. What a wonderful day we did have. Lots of shopping was done by all. First we went to the convention and all the stamps was like being in a candy store.....which one do you buy first? There were many demo's to watch and a few make it /take its. After that we went to Hollo's to buy paper by the pound, many of the girls have never been there before so that was a real treat for them. I certainly bought my share of that paper, I found some really nice foil maybe in the future you will see on some cards. Then we decided to include another stop on our journey and we visited Pat Catans. One of us came out of that store carrying a grapevine tree. Maybe she will hang her stamps on that tree...hmmmmm. Then our next stop was at Rubber Stamp Studio where we participated in make it / take its, refreshments and you guessed it more shopping. Finally its dinner time so we went to Cracker Barrel. After dinner our bus driver made the remark "Well there now you finally did something shopped!" Do you suppose he thinks we did too much shopping in one So yep your right after dinner we did more shopping there.......anyone for a rooster.....well of course there was a taker. So on the bus goes 32 ladies, one tree, and one rooster. (With lots of paper, stamps, and all kinds of other misc. stuff, that we just couldn't live without.) Maybe you can join us in the fall.....when off to another convention we will go!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"Inchie Card by Susan"

Here's an "Inchie" card submitted by Susan. It is wonderful, good job Susan and thank-you for sharing your "Inchie" Art with us. Do you see her "Inchie", its behind the lady's head. I like the way she incorporated the whole rubber stamp image on her card and only used the head of the lady on the "Inchie". Very creative!!

We went to Sydni's ice cream social, book fair, and art show tonight at the grade school. Sydni had taken a picture of her pony and then framed it. She decorated the frame with some stamping and coloring and she was awarded first place. Sydni also painted freehand a barn and picture of her pony and she was awarded 2nd place for that. Talented little girl!! Probably growing up in a stamp store and having all that art available to her since she was 1 year old helped her out with that.

I had a good time scrapping at Robin's home today, put that scrapbook together that I had finished all the pages too. Sure did make a thick book, maybe a little to thick. Oh well, its together now, I am not going to take it back apart. I really don't like putting those screw posts books together, good thing I had Robin's help. I would still be there struggling with it.
Have a good evening!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Here's a picture of Cedric playing in his playhouse......he is such a cutie!

It was a beautiful day here today, the sun was shinning and the temperature was right around 70. Perfect for me! I finished another year out in scrapping - 2005- whoo hoo!! By the end of the year I plan on being up to date, now mind you that's only with the grandkids, I haven't done anything of my own kids yet. That will be my project for next year. Tomorrow I am going scrapping at a friends house we have missed the last several weeks for various reasons. I am looking forward to going.

Class was good tonight, we did the "Foil Part 2" class. I will be working on a "Foil" Tutorial that I hope to have posted soon for all of you. Its Foil with the Hot Glue Gun, makes pretty cool embellishments for all your altered projects.

Oh my the Rubber Stamp Convention is only 5 days away are you counting down the hours? I started working on a serious list last night. Just think of all those stamps...... how will we ever control ourselves and not buy to much? Heck with that, throw self control out the window, convention only comes around twice a year. Better make the most of it, right!!!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

"Inchie"Challenge Part 2

As you can guess by the above cards the second part to the "Inchie Challenge" is to make a card from one or several of your "Inchies". For the card with the Collage Stamp I used my "Inchie" to do the Spotlight Technique. On my Hibiscus Card I used my "Inchie" as an embellishment and on my third card I used three of my "Inchies" to create my focal point for my card.

Here are Susan's "Inchies", don't you agree she did a wonderful job. Thank-you Susan for submitting your art. Your "Inchies" can also be shown on this blog if you submit them to me by e-mail, or snail mail. (Remember if you send them snail mail and would like them returned please include a SASE.) You may also drop your "Inchies" off when you come to participate in a class.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Next Weeks Class - "Foil #2"

Here are the samples for next weeks class - "Foil #2". The "Foil" for this project will be adhered with embossing powder. I really like this Urn stamp collection from Hero Arts, they make nice "Guy Cards". The background words for both of these cards is also by Hero Arts. The scanned photos don't show off the "Foil" very well, you need to come to class and see this to appreciate the beauty.

We discussed the "Inchies" at class this week and I promised another link to a sight that has some wonderful "Inchies" and here it is: Ellen has done a wonderful job with her "Inchies" I think you will get lots of inspiration from her samples. Please don't copy her "Inchies" yours must be originals. I am looking forward to see what you come up with. Have fun!!!

Sophia is coming along well, no major set backs this week, praise the Lord!! Mom and Dad can now hold her whenever they want, must help to help them feel better. Kim is over the hives and Gina hasn't been having any more headaches. Lets hope it all stays this way.

Have a good night, love Bev

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"Foil" Artist Trading Card

For our Artist Trading Card Club I pick a technique and then we all have to do our trading cards using that technique. Little did I know that "Foil" was going to give us all so much trouble. To begin with its very hard to find and then we don't know how to use it. So in lieu of that I have scheduled some "Foil" classes. For my card I did a technique for the background that Tim Holtz has explained on his blog (click on the link on the right labeled "Tim Holtz" to check this out) which by the way has nothing to do with "Foil" but I liked the background. Then I added some "Foil Tape" to the left hand edge to my card. My second technique for adding "Foil" really wasn't the true "Foil" but since we couldn't find the "Foil" to use I agreed that we could also use the Leafing Flakes. So I added some of my Leafing Glue to the upper right hand edge and the lower left hand edge of my card and when that dried to a tacky stage, I then put on my Leafing Flakes. My next "Foil" technique that I used was to take a piece of a Metallic Foil Sheet, colored it with alcohol inks, crimped it and then cut a piece the size I needed for my card. Well one more "Foil" technique to complete my project....I stamped the word "Art" with Duo Adhesive (which only dries to a tacky stage) and when it was dry then I laid my "Foil" sheet on top of the stamped word, dull side down. Then I burnished the stamped word with my finger and pulled off the "Foil Sheet" and WA la, my foil had transferred. Well that seems to be enough "Foil" on my trading card and I decided it was complete. Hope you enjoy it!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Challenge Part 1 - At last....

"The Inchie Challenge"

If you haven't heard about "Inchies" yet then this will be new to you. But they have been around now for a little while and I thought I would start my first challenge out with the newest hottest craze...."Inchies". They are one inch pieces of paper that you will use to stamp and create on. Whatever you can fit on that little bitty piece of paper goes. For the ones above with the postal stamp punched border I used a collage stamp by PSX. I stamped it on a piece of paper, added foil to it in spots and then used my postal edge punch to punch them out. The punch I had was 15/16", so I then layered them to a piece of blue card stock. The two inchies with the straight edge was a stamp by Inkadinkado that is a tag. I stamped that on card stock with black versafine and was able to get two inchies from it. I used some of my colorbox metallic inks with a cotton ball to add color, then I highlighted the fern and the butterfly with some of my twinklin H2O's. Now its your turn, lets see what you can do. I'm sure you will make lots of these little pieces of art as they are so much fun. When you are finished, e-mail them to me so I can add your art to my blog.
Now do you remember I said this was going to be a double dare challenge.........well guess what.....Its going to be a triple dare. Soon you will get to see the second part to this challenge, but for now get to working on those "Inchies".

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Such a "Sucker" am I........

Well isn't he just beautiful and what a sucker I am!!!!! For puppies that is. Oliver's previous owner contacted me with news of this darling little boy. She knew I previously owned a deaf Australian Shepherd and she also knew how much I loved that dog, Cinnamon. Well in lieu of that she thought I would be interested in this little you see the big "S" on my forehead, just ask next time you see me and I will push back my hair so you can see it. He is deaf and I know what breeders do to the deaf puppies......lets not go there and neither is he....I bought him. Well technically she is giving me the puppy, but it does cost to have him flown here from Oregon. So he will be arriving sometime in three weeks as he is only 6 weeks old now and can't fly until he is 9 weeks old. I also am thinking of names, so far I have thought of "Casper" and "Cody". Not sure yet though, so if you have any good ideas be sure and let me know. Oliver is going to have some else's legs to chew on and that will give Karli a break. Both Karli and Oliver are very laid back so I don't see bringing a new puppy into the picture as a problem for either one of them. I planned on getting another of these wonderful little dogs sometime down the road, well I guess that sometime is now. This puppy's Dad and Oliver share the same Mom. I am very excited but I have to be patience and wait.....maybe I need a visit to Pets Mart.....I am sure there are some supplies I need to get before he comes home. I wonder if he will be better at house training than Oliver....actually Oliver does very well....he just pees on the first available carpet. But its always on a carpet, does that make him house trained....hmmmmmmm. I don't think so, but he's perfectly happy that way. I get to shampoo carpets once a month, that's lots of entertainment. All kidding aside I really don't feel like a "Sucker" just someone who gets lots of enjoyment from her very furry friends. This has been me from the time I was a little girl, I just love dogs!!! Joe should have found that out before he married me......maybe when we were dating and he ran over a rabbit with the car accidentally and I was so mad....he should have dropped me and run then. He should have been able to tell by that I am an animal nut. Now here he is going to be living with three dogs and he really isn't an animal person. Although he won't tell you but a little secret is he does like Karli and Oliver. Send me those names......

love Bev

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Where Are You God?

How are things might ask....well baby Sophia had a collapsed lung yesterday, Mom has the hives, oldest sister is getting headaches, the middle child doesn't want to see the baby, and Dad is trying to hold it all together but has a hard time when the doctor visits. So I ask "Where are you God?" Knowing full well he is in charge and has everything under control, whom am I to doubt!
As I was driving home today, I had left the family and their troubles behind (so I think), I take my good ole time. Not ready to be back home yet and not ready to leave the family behind. All I think about all the way home is what a pretty day it is, the three deer that passed in front of me how beautiful they are, the beauty of the daffodils that are showing their pretty heads, and how the grass is turning a beautiful green. Not wanting to be anywhere for the time being, just enjoying the time it takes to get home.
Well time is up back to real life, I am home. My wonderful dogs are here to greet me with their undying devotion, again I wonder about the simplicity of life. I am trying to get to sleep and just cry, I guess to let off stress. Little Oliver comes up and just starts to lick my face and I hear the words to a song that was recited in church last Sunday "Here I am..." The phone rings its Sophia's Daddy to tell me how the visit with Sophia went today and he was able to hold her for the second time. Sophia opened her eyes and looked right at her Daddy as if to say "I Love You". She is off the oxygen again and isn't all filled with fluid at the moment. Today was a good day for baby Sophia. Again I hear the words to that song "Here I am" So where is God, he is here and I believe he has lots in store for baby Sophia and her family, it just is going to be a tough road. So please keep the prayers coming and I will do my best to keep the faith strong. The doctors and nurses say to just take a day at a time.
As I reported awhile ago Rob was in the process of finishing off the basement of the house so that it would empty out a room upstairs for baby Sophia's bedroom. Well today the carpet was laid and how beautiful it all is. Tomorrow will probably start the changing of all the rooms around. All the toys will be taken downstairs and the toy room will become Julia's room. Then Julia's room will become baby Sophia's. The girls are thrilled with their new room downstairs and they have already taken down the tent and are having a sleep out in the new room. This I believe comes at a good time for them, gives them something to take their minds off everything going on that is stressful for them. I am going back down on Friday to shampoo all the carpets for them.
Saturday is club day, Trading Card and Altered Book this is always a fun day. I get to see some of you I only see once a month and we get some time to visit. I had finished my projects earlier this week, thankfully. I can't show the Altered Book to you though because I had Susan's book and I know she reads this and it would be cheating for her to get a peak at her book. Sorry Susan, but you have to wait. I will get my trading card posted sometime in the next couple of days. I used a Tim Holtz technique that was on his blog, pretty cool. You can check out the technique by clicking on his link in my favorite blog list. Maybe you will want to give the technique a try and send me a photo of what you made.
Have a good evening, until tomorrow, love Bev

Monday, April 7, 2008

A Very Productive Day

Next weeks class - Foil

I had the day at home today....all day.....was very nice! I had to get my trading cards done for this weekend, get my altered book done, and then did a couple of class samples for next week. Being creative felt really good after the ups and downs we have had this last week with baby Sophia. She is still holding her own and thats good as to be expected for now. I am going back down tomorrow again for a couple of days, maybe will get to see Sophia again. I made 5 1/2 lbs of meatballs today, split them up between a bowl for Rob's family, Ben's family, Jill's family, for Joe for the next couple of days and some to share with my Mom. Jill, Holly and my Mom are all making a dish for me to take with the meatballs. So I shouldn't have to cook as much down there this time, maybe I can get something else done up for Kim. I sure do miss the Sunflower House, but it has been nice to be able to go when I need to and not have to worry about what's happening back at the shop.

Well I will try to post again on wednesday night depending on how late or how tired I am after I get home. Of course the dogs will demand all my attention when I do get back, what fun that is. Seeing how much they miss me, makes me realize just how simple their lives are. Just think how nice the world would be if we could appreciate all the little things in life as much as these dogs do. Everybody would feel loved all the time, there wouldn't be as much anger and hurt in the world. I guess that will be for us all to experience when we get to heaven.

Have a good evening, love Me

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Here is a bookmark that I did with a local church group for "Girls Night Out". This was the first time this church did one of these nights and it was very successful. The speaker they had was wonderful. They had several booths set up that the ladies could visit through out the evening, you could get a facial, your nails done, sew a flower, see a demo on spinning wool, watch a video, or make a bookmark. As with any church group the food was wonderful also. I especially liked the punch.

To do this bookmark I first started with some glossy paper (8 1/2 x 11 sheets cut in half). I took an acetate report cover and cut that in half. Opened it up and on one side squirted some drops of dye re-inkers. I used Ancient Page in three complimentary colors (making sure one of them is lighter, such as mandarin) and approximately 5-6 drops of each. Then I sprayed some alcohol on the inks to help them spread around. I closed the cover and carefully moved the inks until they blended. Then I opened the cover back up and put the glossy paper back to back and laid it inside the report cover, and then closed it back up. I used my fingers to spread the ink all around, covering both pieces of the paper. Open up the cover next and pull the papers out and set aside to dry. You can get several prints out of one inking.

I then cut my glossy paper down to bookmark size and layered it on top of green card stock. I stamped a flower with my Northwoods Spring cube on white card stock and punched out with a deckle square punch. Then I punched out of green paper another square to layer behind the flower square, making it just 1/4" bigger on two sides.

I stamped my inspirational verse with Memories black ink. Punched a hole in the top and threaded some ribbon through. All done.

Update on Sophia: She is back off the respirator and is now up to 4lbs. The nurses say she is feisty. Isn't she just beautiful! Please keep the prayers coming, I know it is God pulling her through. Mom and Dad were able to hold Sophia today how nice that was for them. I will be going back done to spend two more days to help Kim out around the house. She is having her staples out tomorrow, pray that goes well.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Little Sophia didn't have a very good day today, she is now back on the respirator. Breathing on her own got to be to much for her and she now needs help. Luckily the problem isn't stemming from her heart condition, its from immature lungs, which can mature as time goes by. We don't know how long her body will need the rest but we are hopeful that she will be back off the respirator in time. Her oxygen level is back up but her platelets are still low. We are told there will be many ups and downs for Sophia for awhile. Please keep Sophia and her family in your prayers, I know that God can pull her through all this. As you can imagine the stress on the rest of her family, they need your prayers too. I know that this family can persevere and that God has given them this wonderful baby because of their love and unity as a family.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Meet Sophia

Introducing my new Grand-daughter, Sophia May, born 3 /30/08, weight 3lbs. 3 Oz's. Sophia arrived 8 weeks early, Mom and Baby are doing well.

This very special little girl was not going to wait any longer and she demanded that she be born now. She has lots of that dark hair like her sisters, can't tell if it is going to be curly or not. Sophia will spend the next three to four weeks in the hospital gaining strength until she can go home to learn how to keep up with her sisters. Julia says it looks like Sophia is in a fish tank and Gina wonders if we have to put her back because she is so early. Grandma just can't wait to hold her. I did have to wear a mask whenever visiting the baby because of my cold. Well both girls thought I looked like a duck and they wanted a mask too. They soon found out they weren't going to wear that because even though you look like a duck its not fun. I have spent the last three days with her family helping out. You forget what a busy life it is raising a 5 and 3 year old. They certainly have kept me on my toes, of course, loving every minute of it. I was lucky to be able to spend "Craft Day" with Julia, we made a Caterpillar and a butterfly learning about spring and the beautiful transformation. I was thinking of the beautiful transformational blessing that was bestowed upon our family with this new baby. "Craft Day" is a program through their community, wonderful learning experience for these little ones.

I haven't forgotten the "Challenge" and I do have a couple of days at home. I do have some things to catch up on after being away for 4. So I will first work on getting caught up and then hopefully everything else will fall in place as need be.

My beloved dogs survived 4 days without their "Mom" and what a greeting I did get when I came in the door. Neither one of them could contain themselves, there was a lot of wiggling, whining, and licking going on. I did contain myself though, I didn't participate in any of the above signs of emotion. I did do a lot of hugging and telling them how much I missed them. Are you proud that I could contain myself? (I really don't think I would care for fur balls so the licking was definitely out.) I sure did miss being home with them.


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