Monday, March 17, 2008

My Australian Shepherds, Karli and Oliver

Karli my 7 year old mini australian shepherd.
Oliver my 1 year old toy australian shepherd.
Had a very busy day today, first I went with Jill to the doctor so I could sit with Cedric while she was in for her appointment. We sat in the car and played he is so good, it doesn't take much at all to keep him happy. Then when I came home I had to get the house cleaned up, it always seems to get to be such a mess. Finished that job and was able to spend some time making another card for this weeks class, same style as what I posted on the blog yesterday. Only this one was designed with butterflies, very pretty. Come to class this week and you can choose from one of the two cards to make your own tri-fold. Then it was down to the barn to do the horse chores, and back home to make some dinner. By then it was time for class, we had a good time and made some beautiful cards. I had to skip out a little early to make it to town to the funeral home before viewing hours were over. Now I am ready to snuggle with Karli and Oliver, didn't get to spend much time with them the last two days and they are telling me they missed me. This breed of dog is so wonderful and loving. Have a good night, until tomorrow take care.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Beverly, this is Gloria Ross and I love your blog. This is something I have never seen and please keep them coming. Super Duper


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