Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I went scrapping at a friends house today as I always do one tuesdays. Had a great time, I didn't work on scrapping though today, I worked on some Thomas Kinkade images I had stamped and needed to get colored so I could finish the cards. If you haven't tried these stamps yet you are missing out, they are wonderful. The detail is just amazing, we have been coloring them with chalks and they turn out beautiful with just a little work. You can go to http://www.cornishheritagefarms.com/intro.php?osCsid=041c5k2usscoeomsdtpk99sjo3 to view all the stamps in this line. Make sure you take a peek in their gallery and see what their designers are doing with these stamps, its just gorgeous. Also when you order they ship fast you should have your stamp within a week as long as they are in stock. Until tomorrow have a good evening.


englishrose said...

Good morning Bev, so glad to hear all the latest news and the stamps by Thomas Kindade are just to die for, please post finished card so we can all enjoy,

Anonymous said...

I never blogged before - so here I go. Bev, thanks for your efforts. I got one of the Kincaide cards from your 'Tuesday hostess' and it looks so nice with pastel colors.
I am looking for a way to stamp and apply foil. Been experiementing and only stamps with fine lines far apart works. Any other ideas? (from jane using anonymous cuz I don't have an account yet)

scrappy bird said...

We always have fun on Tuesdays.
Only scrap/card group that can say they have parrots commenting on our pages.
It is your fault I was up late working on Thomas Kincaide stamps!
Hubby made the mistake of saying, they should make one of a cabin...little does he know.
Can't wait for tomorrow's class.

scrappy bird said...

You might have to give a class on posting blogs!!! Either that or I may only be able to post when computer kid is home on holidays! Did you notice that the totes I brought back from hubby's business trip have a weight limit of 20 lb?
Sue says we may have to dump them into larger bag on bus between stops!!!
scrappy bird


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