Saturday, March 29, 2008

Have been having trouble with a most annoying cough and by the time Thursday morning class was over I new I probably better go to the doctor and get some cough syrup, since I can't take over the counter stuff. The doctor told me I did need the cough syrup but other than that he felt I didn't have much else going on (ie: bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia) thank-God. Well the cough syrup would knock me out and I wasn't to drive while taking it. So all day Friday was spent sleeping. Today is much better, I feel tomorrow will be back on schedule. I did watch a couple of good movies today, my body is just very sore from all that wretched coughing.

Robin and the new puppy, Abbey, are bonding quite well. Imagine how it will look when Abbey is full grown (she should probably be around 60-70#'s full grown) and still wants to be a lap dog. Robin tells me that Abbey either wants to sleep in her lap or her husbands. We will have to get a picture of that. Here is the picture of Abbey I promised, now don't you agree she is just beautiful?

I have been doing more thinking on that challenged I promised, I do believe it will be a double dare - that would be a double technique on one project. I have the one technique figured out just have to work on the second. So how's this for suspense!!! I am hoping lots of you will take the challenge and submit your artwork for all to see, these challenges could be a lot of fun.

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