Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter

Haven't been on my blog in the last couple of days because I had some maintenance done on my computer. I am happy to say it is up and running just like new, thank-you Ben. I had to have a new DVD drive put in, also added more memory ( its smokin' now) and had the whole hard drive reformatted. Took away a lot of garbage I acquired over the last three years. Now we should be good for a couple more years. Ben says to me "Now see how long it takes you to screw this up!" Hmmmmm sounds like lots of confidence there don't you think. Anyhow I am very happy with it again.
We are having an Easter Egg Hunt here tomorrow for the grand kids, I can't wait they can't either. My 13 year old says "Grandma, I am only doing it for the candy!" Well I said "That's why I would do it to." Then we are off to Great Grandma's for dinner. Should be lots of family there, my family is a large one. We are expecting 37 for dinner. Unless of course you are joining us and then we can set up another chair. The more the merrier.
I wish all of you a very Happy Easter. God bless!

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Gloria Ross said...

Love reading your blog. Keep them coming.


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