Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Fun Day

Well I'm having trouble sleeping and I remembered that I didn't post to the blog. Yesterday I had a really wonderful time taking a very good friend to get a new puppy. And we all know just how much I love puppies. Although she wasn't getting an Australian Shepherd (I will forgive her for she did get herself a beautiful chocolate lab. Oh my is this puppy ever cute, her new name is "Abbey". I remember all the joy that Oliver gave me last fall as a new puppy and I am so happy for my friend to be experiencing this same joy. Good things come to those who wait, God has everything all planned out and this puppy came at a perfect time. When I get a picture I will post it for you.

As promised here is a picture of next weeks class. I had a good time working on this project as I had stated I haven't worked with my crimper in a long time. I'm sure you will enjoy this project also. Stamp credits go to Stampa Rosa and PSX, both of which are sadly enough out of business.
Well what's the chances I can fall asleep now.....probably should just go into my studio and work on some projects. My friend asked me yesterday what I am going to work on for "Scrapbook Day" and I'm really not sure. Since its only 5 more days until then I should get it figured out, although, since she has a new puppy maybe I will work on spoiling her dog. I can be good at that.
Have a great day today and just maybe I will get another post in tonight.
Take care.......

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